Recently, I found out about the search to be the next host of Rediffusion. I emailed my registration video and details, but I probably don't have hope anymore because I submitted it late and nobody got back to me.

I admit that I am a little disappointed about it, but in life, if it's yours, it's yours. No point forcing it. Anyway, through this contest, I got to know more about Eva. She's the Chairman of Rediffusion, and the Principal of Eduplus Language School. When I was young, I used to attend Mandarin courses at Eduplus Bishan as I stayed nearby. My mum told me the place was well-known for producing students with excellent results. That explains my rather strong foundation in Mandarin. Eva visits the centre frequently, + I studied in the centre for years. I also remember her face plastered on the walls, books etc, that was why I vaguely remember her. But because I was still so young, I had no idea that she was actually someone so influential in the media industry.

So, I was browsing through her Facebook page recently (张美香 EEva Show), listening to her show. And also maybe kinda stalking her. It was then I found out about how huge she was. Her voice was how I remembered it to be - so soothing with proper pronunciation to every word. But what captured me the most was her content. I get really bored easily when listening to audio clips, but for some reason, I found myself not hitting the "stop" button. The stories she spoke of were so simple, yet it left me wanting for more. I was so immersed. It was then I realized the beauty of simplicity.

I recall in one of her videos for Rediffusion, she mentioned something that struck me and got me thinking. These aren't the exact words, but roughly goes like this: "In the media industry, we are giving back to the society. Our jobs are to bring smiles and warmth to people's faces."

Same applies to blogging. What is your purpose of blogging in the first place? I was browsing through my blog recently, comparing then and now. I asked myself: "There're fewer proper content now.. Is this really what I want people to read?" After "stalking" Eva, it made me even more determined to produce good content that people, even I, lack of nowadays.

All in all, I think I'm blurting rubbish as usual. But yeah, I don't want my readers to just scroll through my blog without reading properly the post I've prepared for hours, you understand what I mean?

Every blog has it's different purposes. And for me, it's to share my experiences and maybe, hopefully, inspire others. Not through looks, but proper content. Just like Eva.

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