photo IMG_3215_zpsd25d0448.jpg
Visited my trusty hairstylist Max at Headlines Hairdressing last week for a fresh new hair colour! The last time I had my hair done ( was before the Chinese New Year, which explained why all the beautiful colours had already faded… ;(

Furthermore, I had to film the Fashion Challenge for CNOS the next day; of course I can’t be seen parading around like that! So makeover, here we go!

 photo IMG_3218_zps118f83a0.jpg
Once again, I had completely no idea what colour I should go for. Max suggested that this time round, why not go for red? It was the only colour that could cover up the green colour on my hair. I didn’t show it, but was pretty thrilled by that idea. I’ve always wanted to go red – secretly, I am a rocker chick on the inside! \m/

By the way, the hair treatment he did for me this time round was different. What he used was the Mucota ABC 3-step Treatment that’s only available when you do it in salons. Being the curious girl that I am, I learnt that there was no ammonia involved, which explained why it’s a fantastic product!

Pssssst... They're having a 30% off promotion on this treatment if you do any hair services!

 photo IMG_3219_zps500c5576.jpg
After almost 3 hours, ta-dah~ This is the back view of the final results! *.* Got my hair styled until so chio, wheeeeee~

My hair is definitely looking fabulous now. Got numerous compliments for it, some even saying that I look like a Korean! *flicks hair like a bimbo*

 photo IMG_3220_zpse8f49232.jpg
How it looks like from the front.

I really loved how different it was, as compared to other redheads you see around! There was a gradient of bright red -> dark red -> black. Up till today, I can’t stop admiring it! Really need to applaud and praise Max for being so creative with my hair again and again!

 photo IMG_3221_zps4561aa6e.jpg
Thank you guys, for always trying and experimenting different looks on me! I am all ready to rock my new hair colour! ;D

 photo IMG_1876_zps26c62302.jpg
 photo IMG_1883_zpsc98188e6.jpg
Quote “Joey” to get 15% discount
when you visit Headlines Hairdressing! ヾ(@^▽^@)ノ
My hairstylist is Max!

Headlines Hairdressing
Address: 18 Cross Street #01-15, China Square Central, Singapore 048423
Telephone: 6221 6866
How to get there: Take a train to Chinatown Station (Exit E). It is approximately a 5 mins walk away.
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This is the Behind the Scenes blog post for Cineleisure's Next Online Sensation V2.0 Challenge 4 - The Cathay Decoded Race! For full blog post done by all 3 of us, view it here:

This is le Team 3 aka Team Deocs video, edited by Yours Truly *flicks hair* Remember to watch until the last part! :D

 photo P1000245_zpsa3b82a06.jpg
Last Saturday, I teamed up with Tiffany and Xue Ling for the Cathay Decoded Race held at The Cathay! It was part of CNOS2 Challenge 4. I'm glad that I had them as my teammates because we knew each other wayyyyyyyyy before CNOS2. Which explained why I wasn't that much of an awkward penguin around them, hahahaha!

 photo P1000251_zps20044872.jpg
There were a lot of teams of 3 people that day, in which 9 teams were CNOS2 contestants. We were curious as to what to expect because we didn't have a single clue. All of us went with the same aim - to clinch the Top Prize of $7000 & vouchers!
 photo challenge4_zpsb4ff852f.jpg
These were the different stations my team had to go to. If you'd watched the video, you would know which is where!
 photo cnos7_zpsc0391567.jpg
This is Station 1 and how the Game Mechanics worked.

All I remembered was throughout the race, we had to keep scanning QR codes, retrieve/guess/Google answers to the crossword puzzle questions, and guess the mosiaced images for the next station. Well, they definitely don't call it "decoded" for nothing!
 photo cnos8_zps96f9ebf2.jpg
This is Station 3 at The Cathay Gallery.

I honestly didn't know this place existed even though I've been to The Cathay so many times! It was hidden at a corner on the same level as The Cathay Restaurant where my family frequent to. Like what people say, my eyes must be "piak stamp". Why I so blur one!

I enjoyed my walk in there because of the display of Cathay Organisation's vast history. I am a sucker for such history stuff!
 photo cnos1_zps70cb3622.jpg
Made our way to Station 4 after that. It is a hotel owned by Cathay Organisation called Hangout @ Mt. Emily! Betcha didn't know that they owned a hotel too. Hey, at least now you do!

We kinda got lost (walked a big round. GPS, Y U NO THAT HELPFUL T^T). On the positive side, we managed to burn more *ahem* calories *sly smile*. Also, we discovered these beauties on our way!
 photo cnos2_zpsf9e0621f.jpg
 photo cnos6_zps3992a810.jpg
Good things are worth the wait, they said. Indeed, we managed to find Hangout after all that walking and climbing. Phew! *wipes perspire off forehead*
 photo P1000324_zps2e768abd.jpg
 photo cnos3_zpsb7074912.jpg
 photo P1000375_zpsf7aa4076.jpg
Hangout is a very small yet cozy hotel. They've won quite a handful of awards!

I loved the concept of how everything was something-Out. There is this creative touch to it that makes it memorable and stands out from the rest.

 photo P1000352_zps1223fe45.jpg
This is the rooftop of the hotel, called Look Out. It's a beautiful and relaxing place; you should check it out!
 photo cnos4_zps1061482a.jpg
 photo cnos5_zpsf505d285.jpg
 photo P1000385_zps2baeee89.jpg
The race came to an end after nearly 4 hours of intensive walking and brainstorming. Congratulations to all winners! Share prize leh ;P

Even though my team did not win anything, all of us agreed that at least we "exercised" and bonded together. Teamwork is not easy to begin with - you need to have the right chemistry with the right people. I am thankful that everyone in my team was such good sport!


The CNOS2 finals is this Saturday, and I cannot believe that time past so fast. I remember just a month ago, I was having a difficult time choosing between this competition and going on a trip overseas with my family (we haven't traveled together as a family for years).

Even though it breaks my heart to give up on my family trip, but the trip can go anytime. Such blogging competitions do not come by as easily, even though I felt like giving up countless of times. I really love blogging to this extent, you see. I worked really hard for this competition so that I make it worth it, and luckily it did pay off, as shown on the scoreboard. Even friends and strangers tell me that I've improved a lot.

There are so many things I am thankful for that money cannot buy, like the satisfaction of everyone's work week after week, opportunities to showcase my entries to celebrity bloggers, and the many friends made. I learnt a lot and gained a lot, and that's the most important to me.
If you haven't read my previous entries:


Here's an update on how my skin looks like so far. Left was before, and right is the last time I took a picture before I went for my consultation:

 photo d1_zpsee102334.jpg
Went to DRx Clinic for consultation on the 6th of March with Dr David Ng! You can't really see it, but the small pimples are significantly lesser now.

You have no idea how elated I was when Dr David told me that he's going to start targeting the acne spots and scars from now on! It means that I am improving hor, don't play play, hahaha! Praying everyday that I can move on to clearing the large pores on my face as soon as possible! Ganbatte!

 photo IMG_1687_zps5c871f27.jpg
After the consultation, Dr David recommended that I do a laser treatment for the spots and scars. Of course, there won't be any huge difference after the first treatment. Normally it takes 4-5 treatments before very obvious improvements can be seen.

Secretly took this photo as a memory of my first laser. This was how the outside of the room area looked like.

 photo IMG_1690_zps473e1e7e.jpg
Had to wait for quite a while as Dr David had to attend to a few laser patients before me. While waiting, I was brought into a separate room with one of the dermatologists to wash my face first.

 photo IMG_1700_zps69e5c8c2.jpg
And then it all began. Went into the laser room with that shower cap on.

I have no idea what machine Dr David used, but I could "see" light even though there was something covering my eyes + I did close my eyes! The whole process was probably about 5 minutes? The treatment wasn't too painful, just felt like ants biting you repeatedly. I would rate the pain.... A 5/10? Was clenching my teeth a little as I went through it, but before I knew it, it was over. Oh, the pain people go through for beauty!

I learnt that there were 2 effects of this treatment:
1) Controls sebaceous activity like oil glands and acne.
2) Affects texture and has lightening effect.

I could see point 2 instantly, I swear! I have no idea what magic went on.....

 photo IMG_3000_zps9190cc41.jpg
Was given new products this time, on top of the usual ones. They include the X, S3 and ARC! Have to apply them on the dark spots.

Also got new ASL (I call it the awesome pimple cream!) and the Spironolactone medicine as I finished the old ones.

My confidence is definitely boosting, now that my skin is improving one step at a time! I don't ask for much, just want to achieve the best type of skin I could get because I know it is almost impossible to be completely flawless... That said, having a good diet and sleep plays an important role too, and I am making the effort to do what I can. I really hope all that I am doing will pay off and harvest good results soon! ;D

For the interested ones, don't say I never share! More information can be found here:

DRx Clinic

302 Orchard Road, 16th Floor
Tong Building (next to Paragon Shopping Centre)
Singapore 238862
Tel : (65) – 6733 1555
Fax (65) – 6733 2983
Mon to Fri : 10am to 8pm | Sat : 10am to 5pm
Closed on Sun & PH
Was dining at Dessert Bowl @ Serangoon Gardens and saw these beautiful babies!

 photo IMG_1804_zps43c69251.jpg
 photo IMG_1903-1_zpsc9aa0bdc.jpg
 photo IMG_1924_zpsc51d37e0.jpg
 photo cnoscover_zps06ddd0d6.jpg
This is my blog post for Cineleisure's Next Online Sensation V2.0 Challenge 3 - The #CNOS2 #OOTD Challenge!

 photo IMG_2630_zps1385756b.jpg
Cathay Cineleisure Orchard is probably every teenager's favourite mall as it is seen as the coolest place to be at. It is so popular that it's always to stiflingly crowded with throng of teenagers and young adults during the weekends!

 photo c31_zpsd6a5c29e.jpg
What I really like about this place is that most of the stores selling apparels and accessories are targeted at the younger crowd. Not forgetting to add that they house a lot of pretty interesting indie and local brands. I thoroughly enjoyed my shopping experience here!

I think I have a very weird taste in fashion. I like dressing up in loud and quirky items to give my overall outfit a 'POP'! I am that kind of person who likes standing out in the crowd with what I wear, and absolutely abhor spotting someone else wearing the same outfit that I own.

Here are my picks on the great finds I got from Cathay Cineleisure Orchard to complete my #OOTD look!

 photo depression_zps2a649c80.jpg
 photo IMG_3328_zps72a306a8.jpg
I've been in love with local brands recently, and Depression is definitely one of them. If you are looking for unique apparels, this is the place you should head to. Not only are their clothes versatile, 1 outfit can be worn on both genders!

 photo c34_zps9d17386a.jpg
 photo IMG_3385_zps0ae45f38.jpg
 photo c35_zps395845a7.jpg
 photo ootd_zps50591d8b.jpg
 photo IMG_3341_526F672C_zps1fa40001.jpg
This is what I picked out from Depression! It is from their Autumn/Winter 2012 Plastic Surgery Collection. The top was too dark, that was why I chose a bright coloured shoe to give my overall look a 'POP'!

 photo IMG_3350_zps41a41d5b.jpg
It can be worn as a dress for the ladies as shown above, and also as top for the guys, as shown on my male model, Chester. The great thing about the shoes is the thick platforms! If you are not very tall, they definitely give you a height boost!

 photo IMG_3364_526F672C_zps43863c9c.jpg
Because of it's many buttons design, you can improvise on how you want to wear it. Wear it as a scarf? Wear it as a print? There are countless of ways you can wear this piece. Let those creative juices of yours flow!

 photo IMG_3354_526F672C_zps3ae90dbd.jpg
 photo Femmex_zps63557eaf.jpg
 photo IMG_3232_zps6ec5a596.jpg
FEMMEX is probably every girl's favourite apparel shop at Cathay Cineleisure Orchard. They are extremely popular because of their affordable pieces. Best thing is that the more you buy, the more discounts you get!

 photo IMG_3280_zps6b8ca42f.jpg
 photo IMG_3279_zpsb4db594b.jpg
 photo IMG_3241_zps4e1980be.jpg
 photo c32_zps5610d16c.jpg
 photo IMG_3266_zpsef4e15b2.jpg
 photo hurs_zps909de954.jpg
 photo IMG_3389_zps31227095.jpg
I got an outfit from FEMMEX, but to complete the look, I chose HURS to help me in accessorizing! I found a lot of special items here.
 photo c36_zpsc9c6c6b3.jpg
 photo IMG_3408_zps0f1fa66b.jpg
 photo c37_zpscd75eb27.jpg
 photo ootd_zps50591d8b.jpg
 photo set_zpsd16cc854.jpg
This is my overall look. Not too bright, yet not too dark. The top is sleeved - protects me from the blasting air-con when it gets too cold, yet is of thin material so it won't be too warm either. Perfect!

 photo pescados_zps000d2ab8.jpg
 photo IMG_3289_zps0560f313.jpg
Pescados is a great place to shop at for any guy. Their clothes are trendy, and they have EVERYTHING in 1 store. You read that right - it's a one-stop for clothes, shoes and accessories!

 photo IMG_3294_zps660398ab.jpg
 photo IMG_3295_zps72c8dfb4.jpg
 photo c33_zpsb43adf4c.jpg
 photo IMG_3301_zps974bf7f0.jpg
 photo ootd_zps50591d8b.jpg
 photo IMG_3305_zpsa84112b4.jpg
I chose a hoodie-blazer for Chester to give a smart-casual kind of look, and also because it matched with his skin tone. I completed the look with khaki 3/4 pants so it won't be too suffocating in Singapore's warm weather, and also a matching shoe to go along. I am loving the details of the shoes!

 photo IMG_3313_zps74ec8c55.jpg
The best this about this outfit is that the hood part can be taken out! You can just zip everything back; talk about convenience! If you need to rush off to meet different people for the day, this is the outfit for you as it fits all types of occasions.

 photo IMG_3317_zpsa2e8cbb3.jpg
This is how it looks like without the hood. Automatically, it becomes a formal wear!

 photo video_zpsd96c37b0.jpg

This is my video on my style hunting journey. I hope you enjoy it! ;D