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This is the Behind the Scenes blog post for Cineleisure's Next Online Sensation V2.0 Challenge 4 - The Cathay Decoded Race! For full blog post done by all 3 of us, view it here:

This is le Team 3 aka Team Deocs video, edited by Yours Truly *flicks hair* Remember to watch until the last part! :D

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Last Saturday, I teamed up with Tiffany and Xue Ling for the Cathay Decoded Race held at The Cathay! It was part of CNOS2 Challenge 4. I'm glad that I had them as my teammates because we knew each other wayyyyyyyyy before CNOS2. Which explained why I wasn't that much of an awkward penguin around them, hahahaha!

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There were a lot of teams of 3 people that day, in which 9 teams were CNOS2 contestants. We were curious as to what to expect because we didn't have a single clue. All of us went with the same aim - to clinch the Top Prize of $7000 & vouchers!
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These were the different stations my team had to go to. If you'd watched the video, you would know which is where!
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This is Station 1 and how the Game Mechanics worked.

All I remembered was throughout the race, we had to keep scanning QR codes, retrieve/guess/Google answers to the crossword puzzle questions, and guess the mosiaced images for the next station. Well, they definitely don't call it "decoded" for nothing!
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This is Station 3 at The Cathay Gallery.

I honestly didn't know this place existed even though I've been to The Cathay so many times! It was hidden at a corner on the same level as The Cathay Restaurant where my family frequent to. Like what people say, my eyes must be "piak stamp". Why I so blur one!

I enjoyed my walk in there because of the display of Cathay Organisation's vast history. I am a sucker for such history stuff!
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Made our way to Station 4 after that. It is a hotel owned by Cathay Organisation called Hangout @ Mt. Emily! Betcha didn't know that they owned a hotel too. Hey, at least now you do!

We kinda got lost (walked a big round. GPS, Y U NO THAT HELPFUL T^T). On the positive side, we managed to burn more *ahem* calories *sly smile*. Also, we discovered these beauties on our way!
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Good things are worth the wait, they said. Indeed, we managed to find Hangout after all that walking and climbing. Phew! *wipes perspire off forehead*
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Hangout is a very small yet cozy hotel. They've won quite a handful of awards!

I loved the concept of how everything was something-Out. There is this creative touch to it that makes it memorable and stands out from the rest.

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This is the rooftop of the hotel, called Look Out. It's a beautiful and relaxing place; you should check it out!
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The race came to an end after nearly 4 hours of intensive walking and brainstorming. Congratulations to all winners! Share prize leh ;P

Even though my team did not win anything, all of us agreed that at least we "exercised" and bonded together. Teamwork is not easy to begin with - you need to have the right chemistry with the right people. I am thankful that everyone in my team was such good sport!


The CNOS2 finals is this Saturday, and I cannot believe that time past so fast. I remember just a month ago, I was having a difficult time choosing between this competition and going on a trip overseas with my family (we haven't traveled together as a family for years).

Even though it breaks my heart to give up on my family trip, but the trip can go anytime. Such blogging competitions do not come by as easily, even though I felt like giving up countless of times. I really love blogging to this extent, you see. I worked really hard for this competition so that I make it worth it, and luckily it did pay off, as shown on the scoreboard. Even friends and strangers tell me that I've improved a lot.

There are so many things I am thankful for that money cannot buy, like the satisfaction of everyone's work week after week, opportunities to showcase my entries to celebrity bloggers, and the many friends made. I learnt a lot and gained a lot, and that's the most important to me.


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