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Visited my trusty hairstylist Max at Headlines Hairdressing last week for a fresh new hair colour! The last time I had my hair done ( was before the Chinese New Year, which explained why all the beautiful colours had already faded… ;(

Furthermore, I had to film the Fashion Challenge for CNOS the next day; of course I can’t be seen parading around like that! So makeover, here we go!

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Once again, I had completely no idea what colour I should go for. Max suggested that this time round, why not go for red? It was the only colour that could cover up the green colour on my hair. I didn’t show it, but was pretty thrilled by that idea. I’ve always wanted to go red – secretly, I am a rocker chick on the inside! \m/

By the way, the hair treatment he did for me this time round was different. What he used was the Mucota ABC 3-step Treatment that’s only available when you do it in salons. Being the curious girl that I am, I learnt that there was no ammonia involved, which explained why it’s a fantastic product!

Pssssst... They're having a 30% off promotion on this treatment if you do any hair services!

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After almost 3 hours, ta-dah~ This is the back view of the final results! *.* Got my hair styled until so chio, wheeeeee~

My hair is definitely looking fabulous now. Got numerous compliments for it, some even saying that I look like a Korean! *flicks hair like a bimbo*

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How it looks like from the front.

I really loved how different it was, as compared to other redheads you see around! There was a gradient of bright red -> dark red -> black. Up till today, I can’t stop admiring it! Really need to applaud and praise Max for being so creative with my hair again and again!

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Thank you guys, for always trying and experimenting different looks on me! I am all ready to rock my new hair colour! ;D

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My hairstylist is Max!

Headlines Hairdressing
Address: 18 Cross Street #01-15, China Square Central, Singapore 048423
Telephone: 6221 6866
How to get there: Take a train to Chinatown Station (Exit E). It is approximately a 5 mins walk away.

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