As some of you might already have heard, I haz a new sponsor for hair services lah! This one is like a dream come true for me. \(*T▽T*)/

Hidden in a corner at Level 2 of PARCO Marina Bay (@ Millenia Walk), is

They are relatively new in Singapore, having just hit the "1 Year Old" mark this month! *blows birthday candles*

Now, I have done my hair at different hair salons before, but nothing quite comparable to CLEO. I remember vaguely the very first time I walked past the salon, I was like: "Woah, this place looks so nice lah! I want do my hair here (☆^ー^☆)"

They may have just turned 1 here, but they've been featured on countless of blogs, magazines, newspapers etc both locally and in Japan! And seriously, having your hair done by real, authentic Japanese!? WHAT MORE CAN YOU ASK FOR!!! All the Japanese have such nice hair *.*

Basically, there are 3 hair stylists at CLEO. They are Ai, Ryo and Shio!

Stepping in, I loved how different it looked from the usual hair salons. I am in love with the tall mirrors, high ceilings and gorgeous chandeliers! Look very atas hor \(>o<)ノ
There are a total of 8 seats in the salon. The space from one seat to another is at a comfortable distance away, so if you're the clumsy type *ahem* like myself *ahem*, rest assured that you won't be accidentally hitting anyone else!

Being a Japanese hair salon, a lot of the stuff are brought over from Japan. This interesting apron you see here is one of them!

This is why I love the innovative Japs. I always get frustrated looking for the opening whenever I want to reach for something! But at CLEO, these aprons enables you to slot your hands in separately without too much fuss.

It's small yet attentive details like this that captures people's hearts! ♥

This area is just beside the entrance, where the hairstylists get and wash their stuff, and there's a sofa should you want to wait.

There's a separate room for all the washing. That's Shio washing someone's hair!

I have to admit that the seats and even the leg rest were so comfortable that I almost fell asleep ;X

Another contributing factor to my sleepiness was THIS!!!


I was so fascinated by it when I lied down on the chair, ready to wash my hair. I heard that it was CLEO's boss idea of having lights on the ceiling. Machiam like star gazing! (Y)
CLEO is known for their Carbonic Acid Water Spa & Treatment, and also the Air Straightener (non damage rebonding). I haven't heard of such things in Singapore before, so I guess that makes them the one and only.

Ichiban desu ne!

So this sums up Part 1 of my post! I will share with you guys my new hairdo in a separate post. (If you're dying to know / kpo, check our my Instagram/Facebook/Twitter lah!)

Let me know if you're doing your hair at CLEO! I want to see, hehehe. ヾ(@^▽^@)ノ

CLEO Hair & Make
9 Raffles Boulevard, Millenia Walk, P2-09/10 PARCO Marina Bay
Singapore, Singapore 039596
Tel: 6338 5250


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    1. Hello! You can check out the pricing here: