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That's basically the description of my nails now.

Remember my previous post on the colourful nails I did at Mynte Fingers? (http://www.iisjong.com/2013/02/colourfully-laced-mynte-fingers.html)

They are also at *Scape Flea Markets, but I went back again to find Mynt at her home-based nail salon in Yishun! ♡^▽^♡

Once again, I had no idea what design I should go for... Mynt let me browse through the latest nail designs from a Japanese nail mook that she got!

There were probably thousands of nail designs to choose from - I was so spoilt for choice! After flipping through the entire mook, fickle-minded me settled for this design in the end. It was something different which I haven't tried before.

Just so you know I did gel nails, and this is the machine used!

Because I was doing gel nails, I had to use this LED light machine to dry them.

And this is the final results! I loved it *.*

Mynt pasted a Rilakkuma bear lookalike sticker on the other hand knowing that I like Rilakkuma. She also pasted a little gold heart design, giving my overall nail look a personal touch!

Nah! A closer look!

If you're wondering, this is the price at Mynte Fingers. Soooo affordable, do you even need to think!?

Express Manicure: $6
Express Pedicure: $10

Express Combo: $15

Classic Manicure: $15
Classic Pedicure: $30

Gel Classic Manicure: $30
Gel Classic Pedicure: $45

For more information, visit:

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