Went to visit Dr David Ng on the 10th of May to do Fractional Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Laser. I've seen the name of this laser at many places before and I've always wondered what is was about.. Couldn't believe I was actually going to try it!

This is le skin before I went out for the laser.

I used DRx products religiously, did not slap on too thick makeup etc. Tried my best to take good care of my skin as I was afraid that I'll have a massive outbreak again. My pimples were lesser than previously!

As you can see, I have an uneven skin texture!

The laser targets the superficial layers of the skin resulting in fine peeling, reduction in surface pigmentation and improvement in skin texture. It also penetrates the deeper layers, stimulating collagen regeneration which firms up the skin.

I waited at the waiting area, outside the laser rooms, for my turn to apply the numbing cream. Now I understand why people always say shit just got real, hahaha!

Actually I was pretty nervous about it since I've never put numbing cream on my face before. I had a lot of thoughts about how it would feel and what if my face was numbed forever (which is ridiculous I know).

Then, it was my turn. I was brought into one of the laser rooms. My face was cleansed before the application. It was very quick!

And ta-dah! I haz numbing cream on!

Had to wait around an hour for the numbing cream to go into full effect. Slips of plastic was also put on my face to prevent me from touching and accidentally removing the cream.

By 15 minutes, I could already feel the numbing sensation. I further tested it by trying to smile.

Pretty difficult. Never tried so hard to smile before, I looked retarded =.= I suppose I was all good!

Was brought into one of their consultation rooms to wait. I was also briefed about what was to be expected. Then, I was whisked off to the laser room again!

I will be sharing about the entire process from the start of the laser in another post. There, I will share my day-to-day improvements and thoughts. I don't want to cluster everything together, if not it will be a pretty long post!

Anyway, these are the products I got this time round, namely ABM, BC, CF, Lotion for after-laser care, S3, ASL, X and ARC (this time it's the full-size).

The ABM and BC lasted me from my very first visit. That's like 5 months! ;O

I will be going back to the clinic for my review with Dr David Ng later in the afternoon. Fingers crossed that there will be good news! x

DRx Clinic

302 Orchard Road, 16th Floor
Tong Building (next to Paragon Shopping Centre)
Singapore 238862
Tel : (65) – 6733 1555
Fax (65) – 6733 2983
Mon to Fri : 10am to 8pm | Sat : 10am to 5pm
Closed on Sun & PH
If you haven't heard, the Singapore Blog Awards is back! *ahem cough* Yours truly is a Finalist for the Levi's Best 501 Interpretation Blog. 

Not bad wor, Jong!


As part of the category challenge, the 9 finalists and I headed down to Zouk for the 987 RSVP Levi's 501 Party last week. Despite being ill, I was pretty game up for it because I haven't been to events for a long time already! Not to mention that my favourite blogger friends were there with me; it made everything so much more fun!

My family and I are fans of the Levi's brand! We would always walk into their stores to take a look when we see one. Gosh, I can't believe they've been around for 140 years already!

Despite it being a Wednesday evening, Zouk was quickly filled up with people after people. Most of them were Levi's fans and 987fm listeners. I am both! *hands up* The atmosphere quickly livened up with cheers and screams as the party began!

What's a party without games?

This was my favourite! It was the first game segment and it was also the game that got everyone roaring in excitement and laughter. Basically, audiences were picked up on stage and were made to push a ice cold beer bottle through the model's jeans. One leg in, one leg out!

The highlight of the night was probably the guy who had no choice but to take off his jeans because it was too tight. What an epic moment it was, and he was a real gentleman for having the guts to do that in order to let the lady win!

My heart went into a flutter when Ya Hui and Ian Fang went up on stage. Talk about star struck! I totally didn't expect them to grace this event. Both the local celebrities are Levi's Ambassadors.
It was games after games, but hey! I am having fun, so I'm not complaining!

Up next was what everyone was eagerly waiting for - the fashion show. If you think Levi's is only about jeans, then think again. The models strutted down the runway featuring the latest collection for this season. I was impressed with the mix and match of colours and everyday wear. They brought effortlessly chic to a whole new level!

I can't wait to get my hands on some of them and work it my own Levi's 501 Interpretation way!
There was a special Hip Hop performance halfway through the show. Loved how they rocked the stage with their dance moves! *.*

What Levi's 501 should be - versatile and fun!

Lucky me managed to sneak a picture with some of my favourite 987fm DJs. I know you're getting green-eyed; it's ok I understand because I would too if I were you, HAHAHAHA!

What's your 501 Interpretation?

For more information, visit:

Levi’s® Website: www.levi.com.sg
Levi’s® 501® Interpretation Website: www.levis501.com.sg
Levi’s® Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/levis


Pssssst, I need your help! Do vote for me at the Singapore Blog Awards website (http://sgblogawards.omy.sg/), under Levi's Best 501 Interpretation Blog. It only takes a few minutes.

If you've enjoyed this post, do leave a comment on Levi's Facebook Page (https://www.facebook.com/levis)! Do also leave me a tweet (@iisjong) if you can. Maybe something simple like: "I enjoyed reading iisjong.com! #Levis501Interpretation".

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Held at Gardens by the Bay, the very first Singapore Social Concerts saw stars who flew into town to attend the Social Star Awards taking over the stage. I was there on the first night of the two days event!

Le stage

The weather was perfect that day for a outdoor concert, with no signs of rain and a beautiful full moon to boot that instantly lifted up the atmosphere.

There were merchandises and *ahem* overpriced food on sale, right at the back of the open area.

I read from somewhere that it was a sold-out concert! It was an estimated 8,000-strong audience. I totally didn't expect so many people to be there! I arrived on time at The Meadows, and when the concert started, I looked back and was surprised to see such a huge turn-out for the event!

The concert kicked off with all-Asian girl band Blush. They captured the eyes of many, with their skin-tight PVC getups and provocative dance moves.

Every act had an hour to perform. Next up was Carly Rae Jepsen!

She was really nice - she signed autographs and shook the audiences hands. I adored how cute and girl-next-door she looked in her outfit that night. She kept coming over to my side of the stage; everyone practically lifted up their electronic devices that instant to capture a picture of her for keep stakes.

My favourite part of the concert was when she got the crowd to use the flashlight on our mobile phones and sway along to Your Heart is a Muscle with her. The whole place was filled with a beautiful sea of lights!

She sang quite a number of songs, and they all revolved around "love". I don't know, she's 27 years old already, so I felt like she was a little too old for her songs... Her voice also seemed rather high-pitched than usual.

Nonetheless, her bubbly personality and bubblegum voice managed to keep the crowd pleased. Carly closed her hour-long set with Call Me Maybe, the song everyone was dying to hear that shot her to fame.

The crowd roared in screams when worldwide phenomenon Psy appeared! I, for one, wanted to watch his act the most! All of us went crazy when he sang his hits Gangnam Style and Gentleman. It seemed like EVERYONE knew how to sing to them, hahahaha!

He added something which I thought was really true: "I'm amazed. You don't get a word of my lyrics or anything, but you look so happy. But that's the beauty of music, I guess."

Oh yeah, I recorded a snippet of him performing to Gentleman!! :D

His dancers are so hot, KOREAN GIRLS!!!!!!!! *.*

Psy hinted that his debut album will be out in September! Can't wait to hear what kinda songs will be in there already.

The last act of the night was Cee Lo Green! Despite his size, he was really charming and sexy! He was so funnyyyyyyy, and Singapore was really warm until he had to take off his silver bejewelled robe. He even flashed his huge tummy HAHAHAHAHA WHY SO FUNNY, CEE LO!

Did you know? He wrote the song Don't Cha, a worldwide hit by girl group Pussycat Dolls! He gave his own rendition of it. I was in love his voice; he's really someone whom you can say is a true singer with powerful and unique vocals.

I must add that his backup dancers are so pretty and sexy, damn... ALRIGHT TIME FOR ME TO START WORKING OUT, HAHAHAHAHA!

Cee Lo brought the house down as he ended the concert with his smash hit Fuck You. You could see that the whole crowd was enjoying it because that's the only time we can shout the F word out loud!

That's basically my experience of the concert! I still can't believe I saw these superstars in real life. Were you there at the concert too? How was it for you? ;)
If you didn't already know, the Cineleisure's Next Online Sensation 2 competition is being featured on Teenage Magazine, June 2013 issue! Super excited because G-Dragon's on the cover looking hawt! I love his outfit *.*

One Direction is on the other side of the cover, but I think I'm a little too old for them lololol.... Just sayin'.

I bought my copy and did a magazine scan on our featured pages. Go grab yours for only $3 today! (≧∇≦)/

Examinations are something inevitable in our lives, and most of the time, we students panic. It seems like no matter how much we try to squeeze every bit of information into our brains, time is never on our side.

Most of us choose to stay up throughout the night to do last minute revisions, thinking that it will help somehow. But truth is that we're actually destroying ourselves, bringing ourselves single-handedly to fatigue.

After studying for so many years, I found a rather suitable way for me to keep my energy level up, to keep on going when I choose to study overnight. It was purely coincidental that I found this method. I kinda tweaked it a little into something more logical. I don't guarantee that it will work for you though, but you can try!

3 hours of sleep.

That is the secret.

No matter what, you've got to admit that having a proper rest is important. Nobody can stay up the entire night without feeling tired. That amount rest is good enough to go, even for afternoon naps!

I realized that I felt more energetic when I slept for 3 hours as compared to long hours... But of course, PLEASE do not do this in the long term because we all know that it is not good for the body! I only do this during the examinations period.

My preferred timings are 12.30am - 3.30am. I read somewhere that this is the time our organs rest, so since I need to rest, why not rest at this timing! There are side effects of course, and that is not being able to wake up on time. I kena a lot of times before; my bed's so attractive like some magnet!

That is why pleaseeee remember to turn on at least 10 alarms to ensure that you can wake up, at least be on time for exams! I can sleep through all my alarms, horrible is me.

If you're interested to try it out, I suggest you do it probably a week before your examinations period. Must "test" first before you implement it. Remember to replenish your food and drinks too!

Let me know if you've tried it and it worked, ok! Best is if you'll never use this method, work hard and sleep well on a regular basis! ;D
If you were wondering what I was busy with over the weekends, I took part in the Gwiyomi Flash/Dance Mob with a few other cutesies to promote the Gwiyomi competition that's about to happen at Jurong Point!

If you were around, hopefully you caught us in action! We were there for 2 consecutive Saturdays. It was pretty short and swift hahaha. I never thought that I'll ever do the Gwiyomi (have a love-hate relationship with it), but look what happened. I am seriously challenging myself more and more each time, aren't I!

It was fun while it lasted, and the pay was not that bad. Glad that it's the end of it, and boy, what an experience. Can't believe I was part of a flash mob! *strikes off things-to-do list*

All the photos are from Jurong Point's Facebook page here: https://www.facebook.com/jurongpoint

I'm not paid in any way to help them promote this competition, but if you think you have what it takes to be all cute and creative, then join in the fun! Prizes are pretty attractive, it's kinda luring me in a little........

Anyway, if you missed us, here's the video! You can't really see me, so that's good ;P

Now, for me to get the song outta my head.....