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So... On my previous blog post (http://www.iisjong.com/2013/04/cleo-hair-make-introduction.html), I introduced the place to you guys!

This blog post will be about the process I went through, changing from a redhead to all ashy blonde and Japanese-like!
{ B E F O R E }

Ms Redhead! Though I like the colour as I've been wanting to give it a try, you have to admit that the red didn't suit my age. In fact, it made me look older... ;(

Operation Change Jong, let's go!

My hairstylist is none other than Ryo! Japanese guys all very handsome, got style one *.* After assessing my hair, he wanted to do something fresh and different to make me look younger. And then he started doing his magic on me. Had to bleach my hair twice in order to get rid of the stubborn red colour!

Ryo has got a vast amount of experience in the hairdressing world. For one, his mother is also a hair stylist back in Japan! He also learnt hairdressing in a well-known hair academy, and has been to different parts of Europe to work before. Can see lah, he really assessed my hair and gave comments like some professional O.O

I felt safe leaving my hair in his hands!

I love how the Japanese do their work. They are extremely hardworking, polite and professional, and would want to handle everything by themselves. Even though Ryo was a Japanese, I was taken aback that his basic command in English was good! Only when we couldn't understand each other, we had Samantha, Assistant Director and Translator, to help ;D

Anyway, as mentioned in the previous post, the Japanese are really very innovative! Check out this hair heating thing! I've never seen something like this before.

The boss/Director of CLEO was in Singapore when I was there. He is the one in the black shirt! If I didn't know, I would've thought he was the hair wash boy or something. ;X He also attended to other customers and they all got a shock too, lol. Seriously, how many bosses do you see attending to customers and sweeping the floor!? Some more he's so well-known and all!

{ A F T E R }

Ta-dah! This is my hair now. PRETTY RIGHT!!! *.*

Dark ash colour on the top, lighter ash on the bottom. I shall spam you with my camwhore pictures. I've never camwhored so much in my entire life @.@
I was given shampoo, hair conditioner, hair mask and hair treatment! Yay, new goodies for my hair ^_^ I just wanted to share with y'all because my hair not only smells nicer now, hair condition also improved after using these products!

The hair shampoo had this minty effect on my scalp, like it's really killing the germs and all. As I have an oily scalp, I did notice that my hair wasn't as oily as before. Normally after 2 days I will NEED to wash my hair, but now after 3 days it's not that bad!

With my hairstylist, Ryo! Don't we look like siblings? xD

Brb, flying off to Japan.

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