Just sharing this song because it describes my feelings.

I feel so loserish. I go to school and everyone understands everything. Everyone's so happy in class, they all have their inside jokes. And then there's me.

I can have 8 hours of school, and most of the time I don't even speak for 8 hours straight. I wish I was like the rest of them. Teachers never praise me. When they say "this is the best/smartest class I've taught", normally they don't mean me. I wish I wasn't so out of place.

I wish someone understood how I feel. I'm all alone by myself, no one and no guts to ask anyone for anything. What ever happened to the me who was always voicing out? Everyone just puts the blame on me without asking how I felt.

When will all these change? I try but I cannot reach their expectations. People talk about me behind me, but they don't ASK me. I don't know anything. I'm tired.

Jong, the Loser.

I wish I was special. But I'm a creep, I'm a weirdo... What the hell am I doing here, I don't belong here.


  1. I'm so sorry you feel this way. Stay strong.

  2. You worry too much about what others feel about you. Let it go Jong.

    Be at peace with yourself and let others see you for who you really are.

    You may think you're all alone on this. But in actual fact, everyone feels lonely all the time.

    Cheer up, rest well. the feeling will pass soon enough! Tomorrow will be better...it always is!

    1. i agree with what you say.. thank you for your comment, I really appreciate it!

  3. I feel you. (Hugs)

    Your sec schoolmate.

    1. O.O who are you hahahaha.. thanks for the hug!

  4. I guess we need to learn how to open up,Joey.

    I came across your blog via sgblogawards.omy.sg/ . Looking at your web designs etc thinking you must be someone cheerful and can get along with everybody but was surprise to see you writing this.

    I thought I feel exactly the same way as you, but not in school. at my work place actually. "I can have 9.5 hours of work, and some times I don't speak for 9.5hrs straight" . And surprisingly I can tahan for 7 months! My ex colleague who just left us can even see and feel that I'm being left out, like you I feel extremely lonely. Yes, every people may have that little corner of them that feels lonely, but this type is somehow too obvious right, making me feeling really uncomfortable. Maybe you will think then why do you still continue your work? I thought of resign and move on to a new environment who knows I can start a new at a new environment with new people that somehow I can open up with, but this is just a personal emotions of me, like you I don't think you will quit school just because you don't talk to anybody in your class.

    Anyway, yea. Stay strong and hang on. Just try to open yourself up and mixed with your classmate, but don't force yourself too much. If you really think it's fine so far being quiet the whole day, alone. Then don't force yourself.

    Cheers! :)

    1. hi estell, thank you for your generous comment!

      I apologize for letting you see this side of me.. I was feeling really down because of so many matters. I used to be that happy girl, but it's like I'm slowly becoming a wreck. I agree with all the points you've mentioned, and I am glad that at least there are people having a similar feeling about their life just like mine.

      You stay strong and hang on too! Just do our best, because if we force ourselves we might not be happy in the end. Let's do this together! ;)