Thanks to Caren from, I got to experience strutting down the catwalk in front of a huge audience on the 27th of April! Never really thought that something like that would happen to me, lol.

Anyway, Caren took part in the StylePlus Fashion Showcase contest organized by Bugis+, and I was chosen as one of her models. I was paired up with Jasmine! You might remember her from CNOS2. We are the youngest pair under her. (☆^ー^☆)

There were a lot of preparations involved:
1) Had to go down to Bugis+ for outfit choosing and fitting
2) Off to Caren's house for rehearsals
3) Full rehearsals at Bugis+ itself

This is the video of our preparation. Watch the last part as I dance to Psy's "Gentleman", hahaha!

At the fashion show itself! I'm the last, or sixth in line to come out.

First Look

Loved the outer blouse I was wearing, I mean, look at those sleeves! So quirky! Was ecstatic to have Weelakoomah join me during my walk. I must also add I loved the makeup that Irene, the makeup artiste, did for me!

Cat ears (Neko) hairband from ShopJello (

Second Look

Very pretty dress that I wish I can bring home. Anyway, look at the insane amount of people... Luckily I managed to pull it through! I heard that feedback from the audience was not bad, some saying I was very cutesy and bouncy when I walk.

Jong - Runway Model in the making maybe? ;P