Sorry for the long wait for updates! Been super busy >.<

Anyway, these are the items for July Giveaway. Just a quick & short one to say bid July goodbye!

SET 1 (Opened internationally + Singapore)

1) Cyber Colors Botanical Smoothing Hydro-base
This is a makeup base! You just have to spray it on your face. It's made in Korea!

2) Charcoal Mask
This popular charcoal mask from Daiso is always out of stock! It is one of my favourite masks to use. I understand that it's not available in many parts of the world. Sharing the good stuff!

3) Cyber Colors Gemstone Aqua-Base Pudding Foundation in 02 Natural
It has SPF20 PA++ and also made in Korea. Formulated with valuable Gemstone Powders, it is said to provide a radiant satin finish with good, natural coverage.

SET 2 (Singapore Only)

1) L'Oreal Paris Ever Sleek Smoothing System Shampoo & Conditioner (59ml)
This is the Black Box Mini! More about that in another post. Our manes play a big part in helping us look good. This range is sulfate-free, and is fantastic for those with frizzy hair. Love the smell!

2) Sample sized Ettusais BB Mineral Cream
Love the packaging! Heard quite a bit of rave about this product, very popular in Japan.

3) $10 Eighteen Chefs Dining Voucher
No minimum spending, eat ALL the food!

How to join?

Leave a comment on this blog post which set you would like to win. Remember to state your name, country and social media account handles!

How to increase chances?

Fulfill as many options as possible:

1) LIKE iisjong's Facebook Page (
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Good luck! :D
Bag from Shop Jello (

Beanie Esprit | Fake Collar Platinum Mall, Bangkok | Dress Some shop in Clementi | Blazer Qoo10 | Stockings Gift, from Taiwan | Shoes Dad got me in China

Winter in Singapore much? Hahaha!

Took the effort to dress up, curl my hair (a little), put on makeup and contact lenses! Not bad, I don't do that often so that's quite an achievement for Lazy Jong *pats myself on the back*

Being your lazy self means you'll be very comfortable, while looking good means you'll be confident. If you had to choose, which one would you pick?
I am always at Ang Mo Kio hub after school, because there's a bus home there (now y'all know where to stalk me, lol). A little over a month ago, the place started to change. There are new push cart shops beside the bus interchange area now!

There's this shop with staff clad in scientist robes doing "experiments", similar to what you'll see in a chemistry lab. It caught my eye for a long time. Initially, everyone who walked past took a glance, walking away eventually.

However, I noticed that it has been increasingly popular these days! Huge crowds gather as onlookers were curious what this mysterious shop was all about. I was one of them. Like they say, Singaporeans love to queue and be kaypoh, right?

I completely didn't have a single clue what they were selling. Drinks? Food? There were no signs, until you push through the crowd and look at the menu.

Turns out it's a new ice cream shop, and these were their claims. "How to make ice cream like that!?", were my first thoughts.

 photo IMG_4437_zps8bdb996d.jpg
What they do is make ice cream fresh from scratch, so you have to wait for quite a bit. No worries because there is a queue number system. They put the ingredients into the ice cream mixer machine first. Cold liquid nitrogen gas was then blasted over the liquid mixture to freeze it.

Was pretty interesting to see the smoke mist coming out, which was what captured my attention and probably everyone else's in the first place.

My Say:

The ice cream had a velvety and smooth texture compared to normal ice cream. I feel that it was also "healthier" since there were no sugar added, bringing out the natural sweetness of the ingredient. This Durian Durian ice cream I had was made from pure D24 durian; you could taste some of the meat! It was pretty palatable.

New PopCorn, one of their signatures.

The balance in flavours was well-tipped and there were popcorn bits in the ice cream to give it a gritty texture to the smooth ice cream. There wasn't much of the popcorn taste though, it was pretty mild? You could also see that as compared to the Durian Durian, there was a huge difference in the amount of 1 scoop.

But it was a unique flavour, I must say.

Apart from the gimmick concept of seeing your order freshly made before you, did the liquid nitrogen ice cream taste better? Hmm.. I would say it's so-so. Moreover, I think they made the ice cream cup by cup, taking up a lot of time. But to each his own!

This is their first branch in Singapore. I overheard one of the "scientist" promoter saying they will be opening new branches around Singapore soon! Look out for them! ;D

Just Like It!
AMK Hub #01-19/20
Top Zara | Inner Top Mum's | Shorts *SCAPE | Bag + Shoes Bugis Street | Socks Cotton On

Ah, it's Monday again. My apologies for the lack of updates recently! Been crazy busy with school these days, it's the assignments period and I am going mad >:( Lots of bad things going on for me in school... Praying to all the Gods there are for everything to be alright!

Will be updating proper posts soon, especially the more popular ones like July Giveaway, my trip to DRx and new hairdo with CLEO Hair & Make. I know y'all are waiting for these updates! Please bear with me for awhile!

Anyway, I was raving about this 2D bag on Twitter (@iisjong) the other day. Managed to find the supplier who sold this cheaper than the ones you see outside! If anyone is interested in them, let me know. Comes in different designs ;)

Loving my new shoes as well. The shop I got them from was having a clearance sale, all shoes going for only $10! Of course must buy! I am very budget one, ok? ;P
Have you heard about the new "it" cafe at Cathay Cineleisure Orchard (

Eighteen Chefs

is the latest addition to the youth hangout mall, with their posters plastered on the walls, escalators and even lifts of the mall!

I'll be honest with you here - I am a mountain tortoise. I've never heard of this famous Eighteen Chefs or Chef Benny before it opened at my "second home". You could say that I was pretty skeptical yet excited to put them to my taste test at a specially arranged food tasting together with the Cineleisure's Next Online Sensation 2 (#CNOS2) peeps a few weeks ago!

Eighteen Chefs was founded by Chef Benny Se Teo in 2007. It is a social enterprise which employs and trains delinquents and drug offenders, because Chef Benny himself was a former drug addict. He hopes to inspire youths-at-risk to find alternative and positive ways of integrating into society.

Did you know? He was the FIRST Singaporean to be trained at Jamie Oliver's restaurant, Fifteen. Now, that's something huge and I am tremendously jealous!

This is the first time I am dining at the cafe. I love the loud music and youthful atmosphere of the place, especially the doodles on the wall! It is a fantastic place to chill with friends or have a date even.

Knowing that there's no 10% service charge here, I love it already!

As I was the earliest to arrive, meeting Chef Benny for the first time was a bit overwhelming. I was lost for words and stared at him blankly because he was huge in size. But behind that tough front, lies an extremely friendly guy that took me by surprise!

 photo Capture3_zpsf069029d.jpg

We were there in the morning, so we had the permission to tour around the kitchen to see the action that goes on behind as they prepare for the day!

Are you curious about how they make their 64 Degrees Egg? Watch my video at the end of this post to find out!

Had the exclusive opportunity to cook Aglio Olio in the kitchen! But I am a cooking noob so.... Hahahahaha! But good effort *pats myself on the back*

Le 3 of us CNOS2 winners cooked our own versions! Heng ah, still edible and nobody got diarrhea ;P

Homemade Ice Lemon Tea

With the right sweetness, this drink was an addiction!

Garlic Bread

Literally. Not a fan of garlic, so I gave that a skip and had the bread only. What caught my eye in the first place was actually the plate. It definitely brought back some memories as my grandparents used to have them!

This dish was pretty unique because it wasn't your usual type of Garlic Bread where you could spread the paste. The crunchy crisp taste was evident that this was served fresh out of the oven!

64 Degrees Egg

You're supposed to eat this by slurping it using a straw. I wasn't aware of that, so I just swallowed the entire egg =.= Even so, this egg is cooked at specifically 64 degrees, thus the name. It had a runny texture similar to hard boiled egg, but was slightly softer in terms of texture.

Heart Attack Fried Rice

I strongly recommend this!

This one we had was the 400g of New York steak, meant for 2 person. There's also a 200g portion for 1! This dish is one of Eighteen Chef's signature dishes, dedicated to Chef Benny's late mum. No wonder these was a homely feel to it. I loved the meat, it was done just right for my taste. Also, the juice of the beef and black sauce is soaked into the rice, making it extra fragrant and irresistible!

Black Beauty

Delicious homemade brownie with 2 scoops of ice cream is one you should look out for when your sweet tooth is craving for a bite! The brownie was warm and moist. Drizzled with chocolate sauce, it was a good combination with the ice cream.

Raspberries and Vanilla Ice Cream

I didn't taste much of this, but just a spoonful of it made one thing for sure - I LOVED the raspberry sauce that goes well with the vanilla ice cream! This dessert was a good mix of something sweet, sour and plain. The waffle was soft yet still holds the crunchiness to it.

Just Chocolate in a Jar

This dessert was definitely a head-turner. It was colourful, and it comes in a cute jar. Definitely screams unique! Fans of chocolates would love this. Even though I am one, but I found the chocolatey taste too overpowering and sweet. It's worth a try though!

Calling all students! At Eighteen Chefs, there's a $6.40 Student Privilege that anyone can afford! Choose between Pasta or Cheese Baked Rice and you'll get Lemon Tea + Ice Cream!

Had a short interview with Chef Benny. Not his exact words (don't take me too seriously if I wrote anything wrong T^T), but close enough!

Why the name Eighteen Chefs?
-  The gangs in Singapore go by numbers. 18 adds up to the sum of a active local gang. I want to create a place for people who got out of prison and delinquents, because the society DO judge these people. I started Eighteen Chefs in hopes to challenge them to be chefs, get them a job, train these people and get them back to society. They don't have to be a gangster, they can be a chef.

How did Eighteen Chefs started?
- I love to eat, so naturally I became a chef. I remember in 1999, I went to Turkey to build a tent to cook for the people there. From there, I found my passion for cooking as people told me I was good in it. My life changed when I trained under Jamie Oliver.

What is your favourite item on the menu?
- Cheese Baked Rice and Heart Attack Fried Rice.

 photo Capture6_zps88e75006.jpg

Watch as I video down the behind-the-scene footages and interviews! You definitely wouldn't want to miss it

Eighteen Chefs
Cathay Cineleisure Orchard, 8 Grange Road
Tel: 6736 3800
I attended the Singapore Blog Awards Ceremony yesterday, in which I was a finalist for the Levi's Best 501 Interpretation Blog. The theme was 60's Fever! This was what I came up that I could find in my wardrobe:

Dress - | Blouse & Belt - Bugis Street | Stockings & Bag - Mum's | Mask - Dad's gift from China | Shoes - Beverley Hills Polo Club

This is the first time I styled my hair all by myself using a hair straightener! Nothing fantastic, but am proud of myself coz I'm a beauty noob :D

Braved through the ceremony despite being sick! So sorry for not mingling around much ;/ Anyway, I did not walk away as a winner of my category yesterday. I know there are people who pinned high hopes on me, who specially created accounts on the SBA website willingly just to vote for me though they found it troublesome, who screamed so loudly for me lololol! I am sorry to have disappointed you guys, but I am grateful for the support y'all have been giving me for every competition that I joined!

I don't really have any regrets since I have already done my best. There's a reason why the winner, my friend Claire, won despite not being amongst the Top 3 in votes. I have a lot to learn!

And hey, there's always a next year right! I look forward to see all of us bloggers improve and become better next year. To my friends who did not get shortlisted or won anything this year, let's help each other and hopefully have good news next year, ok? Hwaiting & gambatte neh! \(@ ̄∇ ̄@)/
Nope, you didn't read the title wrongly! I have a good lobang to share with you guys! :D

To celebrate Independence Day, the phenomenal 'Best Deal In Town' returns to The Manhattan FISH MARKET! From 1st to 5th July, be wowed by their Fish 'n Chips at JUST $3.99, available for both dine-ins and takeaways.

Served hot to be a FIN-tastic delight, the $3.99 Fish ‘n Chips comprises one BIG piece of the finest hand-battered dory fish fillet and complemented with yummy-licious golden brown chips to tantalize the taste buds at anytime of the day for five days!

Hand battered fish fillets drizzled with garlic herb sauce, my tender dory fillets have improved in taste ever since the last time I had them. I found the garlic herb sauce pretty unique. My only concern is the fries that are rather salty to my liking.

Fancy a cheesy meal with your favourite fish & chips at another astounding deal? Top up $1.95 to enjoy the Fish ‘n Chips with the marvelous chips drenched in lots of cheese!

Fans of grilled dishes! At the same amazing offer of $3.99; you can tuck into the Grilled Glory Dory! With all the juice and goodness sealed in the deliciously grilled dory and accompanied by Garlic Herb rice and vegetables, the dish is destined to treat diners to a glorious meal!

If the fish 'n chips alone is not filling enough, the following treats will leave you satisfied:

Garlic Herb Mussels at $7.95
Poached mussels in signature Garlic Herb sauce, served with baguette to soak up the delicious sauce. The Garlic Herb sauce was bitter sweet but tantalizing, lingers well on the tongue. However, I felt that there was too much sauce and too little bread!

Cheesy Nacho Chips at $6.95
Share and savor over a serving of crispy tortilla chips laced with warm melted cheese to satisfy all cheesy cravings!

Fancy an accompaniment to your meals? Then reel in the Best Catch comprising one Coke drink and one Soup of the Day at $3.90!

I had the Cream of Mushroom soup. There were lots of mushrooms in it which I loved! I found it a bit watery though, but it wasn't too salty!

All prices quoted are before tax and service charge.

For more information, look for the Sea-cret Agents or visit The Manhattan FISH MARKET’s Facebook page: