Thanks to MTV Asia, I won tickets to see G-Dragon perform live at his G-Dragon 2013 World Tour: One Of A Kind Concert, Day 2! ♡^▽^♡

My favourite K-pop group is Big Bang, and to be honest, I am not even that much into K-pop in the first place. I remember 5 years ago when I was very fresh into K-pop, they are the first group that I admired a lot. Also, the very first idol I liked was none other than G-Dragon!

Nobody can deny that he is an extremely talented individual with a daring fashion sense and good looks to boot. Such a perfect man, no wonder he's voted the #1 Male Star Koreans want to marry!

I brought Yanni along with me to the concert!

Kwon Ji-yong is one of South Korea's biggest superstar, better known to be the leader of popular K-Pop group Big Bang.

Most of the audience were VIPs (what Big Bang fans call themselves). It was beautiful to see a sea of yellow lighted crowns!

Managed to take a few video snippets during the concert! Been on repeat whenever I use my mobile phone.

It has been 3 months since the multi-talented singer kicked off his concert. Singapore was the last stop of his first Solo World Tour, which meant that this concert I attended was the very last one!

The concert surprisingly started on time! That was why I didn't get to watch the front part of it ;( Watched other people's videos and saw that it was pretty awesome with the car and everything!

He sang quite a number of songs from his latest album, previous singles and from Big Bang. 

The crowd roared when an extremely sexy CL from 2NE1 appeared! Both of them sang to "The Leaders".



I guess this song needs no further introduction - Butterfly. The stage seemed to have turned into a beautiful garden at that moment~

My favourite part of the concert was when he sang to "That XX"! It was his favourite song, and it's mine as well. I loved how he nailed the look with the supposedly woman's hat!

Another talent of his to add to the long list - DJ-ing.

Halfway through the concert, the special guests for the concert a.k.a baddest female group 2NE1 took over the stage for a little while. Basically I love the YG Entertainment artistes because they've got swag!

I blogged about the 2NE1 New Evolution Global Tour last year. You can read it here:

Blackjacks, listened up! 2NE1 mentioned about having a comeback on the 8th of July. I'm anticipating! (*^▽^*)

Ahhh, GD is GD. Love his microphone stand!

My eyes were in for a treat! I love the different outfits and fashion pieces that GD appeared in, they shout unique!

Damn, I want that G-Boss outerwear too! ;/

I think the best way to sum up this concert is: eargasmic fashion show. Great visuals, soothing vocals, it's no wonder the fans are begging for more!

G-Dragon mentioned that he is currently working on a new album! He has plans on releasing it this year, hopefully by August. I bet it's going to be yet another hit! \(@ ̄∇ ̄@)/

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