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Ah, it's Monday again. My apologies for the lack of updates recently! Been crazy busy with school these days, it's the assignments period and I am going mad >:( Lots of bad things going on for me in school... Praying to all the Gods there are for everything to be alright!

Will be updating proper posts soon, especially the more popular ones like July Giveaway, my trip to DRx and new hairdo with CLEO Hair & Make. I know y'all are waiting for these updates! Please bear with me for awhile!

Anyway, I was raving about this 2D bag on Twitter (@iisjong) the other day. Managed to find the supplier who sold this cheaper than the ones you see outside! If anyone is interested in them, let me know. Comes in different designs ;)

Loving my new shoes as well. The shop I got them from was having a clearance sale, all shoes going for only $10! Of course must buy! I am very budget one, ok? ;P


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    1. thank you, I like them too!!! :D maybe u wanna go bugis take a look! xD