Went back to CLEO Hair & Make to find RYO for a change in hairstyle!

Ryo taking a stretch; it took around 5 hours for my hair to be done (╥_╥)

Base of my hair was ashy brown-grey colour. Nope, not done yet!

I was fine with Ryo doing anything to my hair, so I told him to surprise me. He had numerous crazy, creative ideas!

Jiang jiang! Blue and pink streaks on the side of my hair with styling curls. Playful yet safe for school!

The colour hair dye used for the streaks were from a New York brand called Manic Panic. I saw the range of colours, and crazy is probably an understatement. It supposedly lasts longer on the hair than most brands out there!

*click click*

With the lovely Ryo, (half) Ai and Joanne! \(@ ̄∇ ̄@)/

Went back to do a hair treatment a few weeks after, and look at my gorgeous shiny hair! I promise there were no hair straightening involved. Even my friends asked what I did because my hair was in a pretty bad state due to all the rush in assignment deadlines prior to the treatment. It obviously got a new "life"!

No idea where to go for your next hairdo? Why not visit CLEO! You can read my blog posts on them here: http://www.iisjong.com/search/label/CLEO%20Hair%20and%20Make

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  1. you look real good with this look ;) wanted to do pink manic panic dip-dye for Pumpkin's hair but don't think she can sit still for 4 hrs in a salon!

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka