Will be having a impromptu flea tomorrow from 12noon - 7pm with Ying Zi (Idreamtobreakaway.com) at Lucky Plaza Flea Party by forfleasake! It is located at Level 6, opposite Jollibee.

I have more than 2 luggages worth of clothes to sell, gosh... Items range from brand new to pre-loved clothes, K-pop albums, accessories, toys, etc. I'll be selling everything you can find at http://www.iisjong.com/p/shop.html and http://carousell.co/iisjong!

Of course, there's soooooooo much more than that. Many I couldn't bear to sell coz they're brand new but don't fit me :( Prices will be reduced, of course! Let me know if you're a reader, definitely give big discounts for you! Also tell me if something caught your eye, I'll be glad to reserve the item for you.

It's very easy to recognize me - I'll be wearing my Rilakkuma mouth mask and probably hold on to a Jay Chou fan.

Alright, see ya tomorrow, woohoo! \(@ ̄∇ ̄@)/

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