Went down to ComfortDelGro Driving Centre yesterday with Allison. It is located at 205 Ubi Ave 4 Singapore 408805. We didn't know where else we could sign up ;/

Just like most youths our age, we wanted to get ourselves something that would transform our lives - a driving license.

Both of us kinda procrastinated until now ever since we turned 18 (legal age requirement)! Since both of us had nothing on, we made an impromptu trip down to Ubi to sign up.

The reason I'm doing this blog post is not only to document my journey, but also to let it serve as a guide to those who are equally clueless. Both Allison and I are blur klutz, we had no idea where to go and what to do when we were there!

After exploring around, we went to the Admin Service Centre on the 1st floor as we initially planned on taking private lessons.

We bombarded the staff with so many questions! Remember to prepare your own set so that you can have your doubts cleared. Thankfully, the one who served us was informative and patient.

In the end, both of us opted to learn through the school in preparation for our BTT. Although it was pricier, the test date was so much nearer as compared to the private one. We were also given the BTT & FTT books! e-Trial tests in their classrooms and e-learning materials at the comfort of our homes (only 15 hours though, remember to log out!) were also provided.

In order to attain a driver's license, we first had to take the Basic Theory Test (BTT). Pass that, take the Final Theory Test (FTT). When we're done with all that theory, we'll then take the Practical Driving Course before going for the Practical Driving Test.

Before we made payment, we were guided to the Customer Service Centre to do an eye test with this machine. People who are wearing glasses like yours truly, there's no need to take them off!

Inside you'll see colours and alphabets. All you have to do is to tell the staff what you've observed.

Every student will have their own CDC identification card made on the spot.

Don't be surprised if the staff serving you suddenly raises this little camera to your face! It is to capture a photo of you for the ID card. No need for passport-size photo yet, just bring along your IC/passport!

Le driving booklet. I'm ready!

Actually I'm pretty worried about taking the BTT! I know it's the most basic and straightforward, but I don't know what to expect. My test date is set on September 26, I have 1 month to prepare from now. I just hope my goldfish memory won't fail on me that day!

If you need more information, you can check on forums and visit the CDC website here: http://www.cdc.com.sg/

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