"Shoes are boring. Wear Sneakers."

I love the tagline of Converse's new global campaign! All of us have owned something from Converse for sure. There's a reason why the world loves the brand - it shouts cool, rebellious, mischievous and creative. You're bound to make a statement wherever you go!

I myself am a huge fan because every collection never fails to amaze. Their famous sneakers especially; they're versatile in every colour and pattern, and easy to match with any outfit be it something casual or punk rock. In fact, I know of many who customize their own. There's this individualism vibe that varies from person to person when they're in their sneakers that differs them from shoes.

Thanks to the kind peeps at Converse, I got to pick out some awesome items for my Outfit of The Day! EVERYTHING'S from Converse, I love each of the item that I picked. You should totally check them out! Here's how I got loud with Converse:

Lovin' my new sneakers to bits. So attention grabbing yet comfortable to wear!

Shoes or sneakers lover? You decide. I'm on #TeamSneakers for sure!

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