Remember my previous post ( about me taking part in the Official Singapore Gwiyomi Challenge? Well..... I received the good news that I AM ONE OF THE FINALISTS! *pops champagne*

The consolation prizes alone are already super attractive if you ask me. All the finalists get to go home with a prize! But my eyes are set on the Grand Prize of course. I apologize for the spam of urging people to watch my video these days, but YouTube view count is one of the determining factor for the overall score.

Results of the YouTube view count will be tabulated on the 10th of August, that is why I am very kan cheong, asking everyone to watch my video. I am really putting down my pride in a way, letting people see how I "throw face", hahahaha! So please bear with me for now because time is running out!

Anyway, if you're free this Sunday, please come and support me if you're around Chinatown area! The final "LIVE" challenge will be at Chinatown Point. I will be performing in front of Hari, the original singer of Gwiyomi. Aiyo, so embarassing!

Final Challenge ‘LIVE’ Event: 11th August, 2013, Sunday, 3:00PM
Chinatown Point – Atrium, Level 1

Let me know if you'll be coming down; I'd be glad to take pictures and chit chat with y'all! Jong hwaiting, GOGOGO! \(*T▽T*)/

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