Happy mid-week guys! \(@ ̄∇ ̄@)/

Top with Stud Details Bugis Street | Skirt wholesale7.net | Sparkly Shoes Mum's, from Hong Kong | Pixel Shades Talisman

I'm wearing a ring actually, but it can't be seen here... A friend hand-made it for me using nail polish, it's extremely colourful and too pretty! My top captured a lot of attention, but guess what! It's only $10!? Definitely a steal, I love the details! Neon yellow studs with colourful sewn strings on the sleeves. Oh, and hair is after my hair treatment at CLEO Hair & Make. So glad that it's back to shiny and straight!

Anyway, I will be taking my Basic Theory Test for driving tomorrow, then flying off to Myanmar on Friday. See you in October, Singapore! So excited for both, wish me good luck! x


  1. the hair looks amazing! x0

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