I'll be frank with you - I didn't know that Padang-Padang Beach existed. I didn't watch the popular movie Eat, Pray, Love (I did read the book though) that brought this beach to fame ;X

In fact, Padang-Padang Beach wasn't in my Bali itinerary at all. So coincidentally, time was running out that day when I touring around Bali, so my tour guide/Bali driver suggested I visit this place instead!

This picturesque beach was like a hidden treasure. It was difficult to locate it at first since the beach was tucked away in a secluded area with a small entrance, down a flight of slippery stairs. It was intriguing how natural everything was, how this beach was behind a cave.

Though the beach was facing the gorgeous Indian Ocean, it did not have the lovely panoramic view I was anticipating. Also, it would've been pleasant to soak into the atmosphere if the already small beach was less crowded... The sea view was beautiful, but on the beach itself was not. Fine, white sand.. Where are you?

There was pretty much nothing to do there except relax, listen to the waves crashing and watch the sun go down.

I say, the ocean view is spectacular, but stopping by once for pictues is enough.

If you're thinking about swimming or surfing, the slippery rocks are definitely not helping. I don't quite understand the hype over this beach, maybe except that it's overrated because of Julia Roberts.

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