Ever since I was little, I had this expensive obsession over Bird's Nest. HOW CAN SOMETHING THAT LOOKS SO PLAIN BE YUMMY AND NOURISHING!? My family knows it's one of my favourite food, and that is why I always get the bowl with the most bird's nest soup ;P

However, I am not THAT wealthy to afford drinking it everyday... BUT! Even though I cannot consume it daily, but there's one thing I can do - USE IT!

If you haven't noticed, bird's nest in products has been an increasingly popular trend in the world of beauty. Purer Skin is one skin care brand that jumped on the bandwagon!

Entirely made in Singapore, there is a miracle ingredient called Purer Source Bird’s Nest that can be found in each and every Purer Skin product. They contain 100% Pure Bird’s Nest which they farm from their very own Bird’s Nest Farms!

Using proprietary nanotechnology, the Bird’s Nest are converted into liquid fractions for use as a highly concentrated active ingredient that is easily absorbed by ourskin for maximum efficacy. Best thing is that it's free from Parabens and Sulphates, which means what you get is the highest quality product without unnecessary chemicals, and as nature intended!

Researchers have found that bird's nest can regenerate skin cells from Epidermal Growth Factor, improve skin quality, and enhance clarity and complexion.

The Purer Skin Symphony is a whole package of Purer Skin Products. It contains the Crème Cleanser, Clarifying Toner, Miracle Serum and Night Recovery.

Crème Cleanser

This is the first step of the skin regime. It provides gentle exfoliation, has a certifiable anti-wrinkle function and provides deep hydration.

You only need a small amount because it foams up gradually. A word of advice it to take note when you're pouring the product out from the tube because it flows out fast once you open the cap!

While I like that the lather is thick, it didn't give me the squeaky clean feel after washing off. The smell was fine though!

Clarifying Toner

Next, cleansing alone can leave skin exposed to the environment. Most toners tend to be drying, but with the power of Bird’s Nest, it ensures that skin stays protected and hydrated!

The clarifying toner is a spray, and I love it. Very convenient! You can spray it directly on your face when you're rushing, or on a cotton pad to wipe away the excess dirt. There was a slight stinging feel on my face after I use it though!

Miracle Serum

From what I know, this is their Star Product! This rich and luxurious formulation contains the highest concentration of Pure Bird’s Nest and is easily absorbed into the skin to deliver results in just 7 days. It is said to reduce fine lines and wrinkles, regrow younger skin and give deep hydration.

The dropper makes it hygienic when using this product, especially when your friends want to try it as well! You can see the slight bird's nest colour. My skin was able to absorb the product well! I suggest you to apply a thin layer more on your problematic areas.

Night Recovery

Light, yet luxurious, this Night Recovery Cream renews at night what the day takes away. It deeply penetrates the skin to replenish moisture and strengthen skin for lasting radiance and youth. This product gives you soft hydration for a more natural glow!

A night cream is to be used at night, obviously. An interesting thing I noticed - although it is a cream, there was no sticky after-feel to it. It also absorbs into my skin pretty quickly! The hydration was not too bad.

Purer Skin is available online at www.PurerSkin.com and selected 11 Watsons stores: ION Orchard, Parkway Parade, Bugis Junction, JEM, Ngee Ann City, Jurong Point, Marina Square, Vivocity, Raffles City, Toa Payoh (HDB) Hub, Compass Point.

Can't wait to get your hands on the products? Quote “ILOVEPS” during checkout for 15% discount! :D

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