Uluwatu Temple is one of the most famous cliff-hanging temples. It is also one of Bali's nine key directional temples. Many people flock here to admire the magnificent sunset.

You need to pay a fee before you can enter this place. There will be someone who will offer to bring you down a flight of stairs. I found it weird, since everyone was walking in the other direction. REJECT politely and tell them you want to follow the crowd.

Also, PLEASE beware of monkeys at all times! The temple is inhabited by a large amount of them. They are extremely wild and smart. Unknowingly, you might have your belongings grabbed because their actions are swift! Grip all belongings closely, and stow away eye-wear if possible.

Other than that, prepare your cameras. The view is breathtaking, I wish I could just sit and admire the view forever. I'm not too sure whether you can go down to the beach though!

This place is very big, be careful and stick close to the people you're with! As it is a temple, you are expected to dress decently and covered up. Sarongs are provided at the counter outside for free, but please remember to return!

Other than the noises of tourists and monkeys, the sound of the waves hitting the cliffs was soothing. The sea breeze also brushes the hair slightly. Perfect setting to end the day!

Uluwatu, I wanna go back!

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