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The secret to beautiful hair is your hairstylist. I am thankful that Ryo shared the same thoughts as I did in regards to hair favourites! We tend to be overly-excited to experiment with hair that is out of the norm.

That's the good thing about Japanese hair salons - I find the hairstylists more daring to take the great leap and fulfill what's in their imagination. Furthermore, they're good at it. Singapore wise, they tend to be too "safe" sometimes, don't you think? For the past 20 years of my life, I had boring, coloured hair that resembled probably half of the Singaporean population. That's what I got when I requested for "something different"...

Anyway! Using Manic Panic hair colour dye, we continued using blue and pink colours, but quantity was higher. They were separated on different sides of my hair!

Hidden on the inside was a gorgeous shade of turquoise blue. On the other, was fluffy cotton pink! I had to resist the urge of chewing on my hair because it looked yummilious!

Just kidding. ;P

Woop woop! How it looks like when they come together.

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  1. Manic Panic! I always wanted to buy that. By the way, the curls and your hair texture look damn nice.

    1. buy already, do you know how to apply? ;P Ikrrrrrrr, thank you!!!!!! All thanks to my hairstylist lah, I look like shit w/o him hahahahaha