First step to attaining a driver's licence - sitting for the Basic Theory Test.

I signed up with the school, that is why I had 4 free trial e-tests before the actual thing. Private students only have 1. School students also have access to online materials!

At CDC Ubi, the e-trial tests can be taken at Level 3. You will see a few rows of computer screens, in which all are touch screen. But on alternate computers there are computer mouses.

I personally think that the e-trial test is very important! There are 10 different sets of questions in total, in which I failed many. But once you've done all, you'll get the hang of it!

A tip is to make use of your time. After you finish 1 set, browse through your wrong answers, exit, log in to the system again and move on to the next set of questions. This can save you a lot of time and you'll be packed with more questions and knowledge!

I also suggest you schedule some e-trial test slots right before your actual BTT to refresh your memory.

For the real Basic Theory Test itself, you'll go one floor down.

When you enter the test room, you'll be given a slip of paper with log-in details. It's a room similar to the e-trial test. There are 50 questions in total. I was so nervous because I did not want to fail (heard that some people failed multiple times!?)! Thankfully, the questions were manageable, similar to the ones I did for e-trial.

Take note that passing reqires you to score a minimum of 45/50. I failed many of my e-trial tests, but passed BTT in the end! Lesson of the day: Just spam and keep on doing e-trial test set questions! :D

After you're done, there will either be a large 'PASS' or 'FAIL' word appear on the screen. If you pass, collect your result slip from the machine outside and book for your FTT!

My FTT is set on December 5. The FTT book is thicker with more theories thrown at my face. I hope I pass it in one try too! *crosses fingers* You can read my previous post on driving here:

If you need more information, you can check on forums and visit the CDC website here:


  1. Omg thank you so much for this post! I was lost about how the e-trial tests work for CDC so reading your post was so helpful!

  2. Hello! Does that mean that I e-trial tests are only accessible at the centre and not through the computer at home?

    1. Yes! You can access notes at home, but you have to go down to do the tests. Hope this helps! :)

  3. Hi there! Sorry I'm quite lost. The 4 e-trial test entitlement is all to be done in 1 session that we booked?
    I took up the school one and my e-trial is booked for 1 session, 3 hrs before the actual BTT. Does this means that I'm only allowed 1 trial only? Thanks!!!

    1. hello! sorry i cannot rmbr clearly anymore, but i THINK for e-trial it's either unlimited or there's a number of times you can go. if you are confident with passing your btt, then maybe 1 session is enough for you. I'm a bit kiasu so i booked more so i can spam questions and know the answers, just in case hahaha

  4. ohh i see heee.....i'm both kiasu and kancong spider so i'll book more too :)
    anyway tks so much. i learned a lot abt the process thru yr blog. hopefully my journey is a success like yours too. Cheers!!!

  5. hello may i know what do i have to do or where do i go to book the etrial test?