The Istana Tampak Siring, otherwise known as Holy Spring Water Temple, is a mystic place to be at. It is a Hindu Temple located in a valley between two hills with big springs and sacred by the local residents as a place to melt all the bad influences in the body and purifies the soul and mind.

This was my favourite temple throughout my trip in Bali, an attraction that should not be missed!

Like most temples, we were required to pay an entrance fee and wrap on a sarong before we were allowed to step in.

Upon entering, I saw this legendary pond that is said to have magical healing powers. The water that comes out from the shower is believed to eliminate all kind of diseases including adverse effect in the human life and give the new holy spirits.

I was told that locals have brought the natural spring water to do various kind of tests! Well guess what, it was found to be VIRUS-FREE! That's pretty amazing!

Even though I did not have the chance to taste the water, I could feel how refreshing it was just by having it run through my fingers. Not kidding at all!

It was quite a peaceful experience to have people from different religions enter the sacred pool to do their devotions and receive the blessings. If only I had the opportunity to take a shower in this pond. What a pity! I will be back next time with extra clothes to change!

The temple was pretty big; I could've easily spent a day touring around!

So coincidentally on the day I went, the temple was not only flooded with tourists, but teeming with locals as well! I witnessed the traditional religious rituals they were having. The Balinese people were all smiles and open to us tourists, I got to play with some of the kids too. Though crowded, but I wasn't complaining!

The thing I like most about Bali would be how the decor are very ornate and interesting!

I enjoyed my trip here thoroughly! My entire experience was enlightening. Wish I had more time!

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