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*All pictures in this post are unedited except for brightness and contrast.

After I did EC as mentioned in my previous post, I rarely put on makeup, so that aided in my skin's recovery after every treatment. The texture of my skin improved tremendously!

After the consultation with Dr David Ng, I was recommended to do a combination of 2 lasers to target the scars and marks on my face! There is no one laser that does it all, the DRx Clinic uses different lasers with multiple and different modalities to provide a complete range of laser treatments.

Some kind of gel was put on my face before the treatment started. The entire process was painless and fast, Dr David used this tool and glided through my face. Because of the emitting bright light, everyone's eyes had to be protected.

Here's a close up. As you can see, there are many scars left from the EC treatments I did previously. There was no downtime for this treatment, which I love!

Short video of how the process went.

And here's my skin a few weeks after the treatment!

Here's a comparison picture!

As you can see, scars and marks lightened by soooooo much. I predict that if I did not do the lasers, it'd probably take me months or even years to achieve similar results. Skin is much clearer now! I swear I did not photoshop the scars and marks away!

I must add that my skin tone has become much more even too!

But it does not stop there. Because my oily, acne skin is unpredictable that ANYTHING disastrous can suddenly happen, taking good care and doing proper maintenance is extremely important! I learnt that the hard way - the pimples and clogged pores came back after my trips to Bali and Yangon :(

Adding to my usual DRx skincare routine, is the Blemish Formula (BF). BF is an all-natural formulation to control and reduce the occurrence of blemishes and break-outs without any adverse side-effects. It controls the production of excessive sebum and helps to soothe irritated skin.

I apply this only on my problem areas. This light brown cream has a gel-like texture with a faint characteristic botanical fragrance that leaves a slightly sticky after-feel.


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  1. Babe ur skin really improve very much!! *thumbs up* xo

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  3. Your skin improved a lot! :) Happy for you!

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  5. Hi! Can i know whether the promotion is still on because i just booked an appt on 27feb. :)

    1. Hey, yes as long as you're a first time customer! Just mention my name when booking your appointment! :D

  6. Hi may I know does it still valid until now? Your reply will be greatly appreciated. Thanks!!

    1. Hi! I'm not very sure if the code is still valid as unfortunately I am not with them anymore and I haven't spoken to their new management. Sorry! :(