The Taman Ayun Temple is a Royal Temple of Mengwi Empire. It is surrounded by a big fish pond, making it look like it floats on water! You have to pay an entrance fee to enter this UNESCO recognized site of cultural heritage.

From what I know, its Balinese name Pura Taman Ayun literally means ‘Garden Temple in the Water’. This temple was built and used by the Mengwi Royal Family. Surprisingly, the area is still well-maintained although it was first built in the 17th Century!

The main place of worship is surrounded by a garden. There were rarely crowds when I was there, making it a tranquil place that's great for a walk.

You can find many impressive pavilions and multi-tiered Meru shrines at the main place of worship. However, entrance is not allowed into the main complex. You'll only be able to see it outside from a low wall. What most people do is walk around the complex.

The different Merus are believed to be the abode of several different gods.

While it was a rather spiritual experience, there was nothing much to do there except to admire the modern Balinese temple architecture. I suggest dropping by only if it's on the way, since the sightseeing lasted for only a short duration.

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