I was wandering around during my free day in Bali, and had no plans on where to go at all. All I wanted to do was to explore and follow wherever my feet brought me.

In Bali, I met numerous people who were nice to me which I'm thankful for. One of the shop owners I bought a little something from suggested that I should give the beach just round the corner a visit, just in time for sunset.

Bali is known to be a paradise, and now I understand why people flock to this beautiful island. I witnessed another gorgeous sunset at this random beach I chanced upon. Only after some Google-ing, I found out it's Tuban Beach.

Tuban Beach is just 5 minutes away from the Denpasar airport, also near Legian Street where I stayed at. It was quiet with occasional sightings of planes departing and landing from the airport. The place had sort of a local village feel to it. There were seemingly more locals than tourists, different from the other commercialized beaches in Bali.

If only Singapore's beaches and sunset were half as lovely. I'll be back to take a ride on the boats next time!

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  1. I love bali so much.. feel like I am living in paradise.. I hope I can enjoy bali with you there

  2. If you go to bali. please let me know, we can explore bali together.. thats the word with never ending beauty