Have you tried being your own hero? I remember back when I was on holiday in Myanmar, I offered my food to someone who was starving. I believe that it's better to give food rather than money, because money corrupts people. Furthermore, what can that little bit of money buy? I do hope that filled his tummy!

If you wish to see more of the kind deeds others did, you can search for the hashtag #redbullheroes on Twitter. You can tweet your own heroic act too, I'd love to read it!

3 best ‘Good Deed’ tweets with the hashtag '#RedBullHeroes' will walk away with $150 cash and Red Bull hamper.

Anyway, Singapore! You have nominated YOUR heroes for the Red Bull ‘Real Singapore Heroes’ Campaign. Now that entries are closed, it's time to do some voting!

Voting ends on October 31 2013, time is running out!

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Visit the Red Bull ‘Real Singapore Heroes’ microsite (http://www.realsgheroes.com), log in or sign up for an account!

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Click on the HALL OF HEROES tab.

You should see something similar to this page.

If you are unsure about how voting goes about, click on the top picture on the left section. There will be a few Voting FAQs answered!

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Vote for your favourite picture or video by clicking on 'vote'! Share your vote with your friends because I think all of the nominated heroes deserve some recognition.

I have been voting all along since voting opened! One of my vote went to the video titled 'My Everyday Hero'.

Singapore is a clean and green city that we take pride in. Other than us Singaporeans being used to throwing our litter into the dustbin, we owe much of our country's cleanliness to these people who pick up our rubbish. It is a job Singaporeans are unwilling to do, but foreign workers depend on it for survival. They have to bear with the stench on a daily basis when most of us would stay away as far as we could, pinching our noses as we do. What do they get from it? The lingering smell of rubbish and nasty stares.

After watching this video, I started going up to thank these unappreciated Singapore Heroes whenever I see them. And I hope that it inspires you too like what it did to me.

Remember that voting for the nomincated heroes close on 31 October 2013! Don't be lazy, your vote matters and it's just a few clicks away. Visit http://www.realsgheroes.com and VOTE NOW!

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