Taking over Long John Silver at *SCAPE is Bear Bites 熊の食 that has caught the attention of many Singaporeans lately. I first got to know about these burgers a few years back when Jacky Wu first introduced it on his Taiwan variety show Guess! I was dying to try them out since then, but never got the chance to visit Taiwan.

Many Bear Bites customers like myself loved the kawaii-looking burgers and the cozy, open-air garden concept that you don't really find in Singapore.

Originated from the famous Fengjia Night Market in Taiwan, the founder Mr Avery found inspiration to create this unique burger during his holiday to Japan. The Bear Paw Burger is a combination of the Taiwanese steamed bun with Japanese food. The concept of Bear Bites is fusing the Western hamburger with Asian ingredients!

For the people who don't understand Chinese, the tag line "誰說魚與熊掌不可兼得?" is a popular phrase which means "Why can't we have the best of both worlds?"

At Bear Bites, you can!

What I loved about the burgers is THEY ARE CUSTOMIZABLE!

Step 1: Choose your meat!

Karaage Crispy Chicken ($4.80) / OISHII Fish Fillet ($5.80)

Step 2: Choose your Bear Paw Bun!

Original Milk / Brown Sugar / Yam / Curry / Oat / Strawberry (Seasonal) / Squid Ink

Step 3: Choose your sauce!

Honey Mustard / Black Pepper / Mushroom

Tartar / Golden Cheese / Sweet & Spicy Thai

If you're ordering a set meal ($7.80 for Chicken, $8.80 for Fish), you get additional fries and bottled drink!

You can add $1 to upsize to Cheese Fries.

My Say:

Everything was made fresh on the spot. Need I say further? ;P

I am in love with the fries, with cheese or not! They were quite generous with the portion and were not soggy even after quite some time. I was quite surprised that the fries were so good, at least much better than the ones you find at your regular fast food restaurants.

Bun wise, the creative looks and spongy texture is sure to grab the hearts of many!

No need to worry about it being different from the original! In fact, the soft buns are freshly imported from Taiwan, and steamed upon order. Don't expect a very strong taste from it though. I prefer the Brown Sugar for the subtle sweet taste!

Clasped between the burger is the meat, lettuce and tomato. Meat wise, I prefer the chicken because it was more juicy and flavourful. The fish fillet was slightly dry and tasteless, making me lose interest in it after a few bites. Both the meat are great examples of what it means to be crispy on the outside, and tender on the inside. However, they can be slightly oily.

I topped it off with Mushroom sauce, making my burger taste just right!

For the people with sweet tooth, you can choose to have gelato kiap-ed between a smaller version of the bun. Flavours you can choose from include Chocolate, Green Tea & Caramel Biscuit.

You can check out their feature on popular Singapore food show, 超級小吃贊3 Snack Attack 3!

Overall, I will be back for the creativity, grab-and-go concept, affordable pricing, not-too-bad food and relaxed environment. What I didn't like though, was eating from the plastic wrap could get messy sometimes, and the long waiting time.

Visit Bear Bites and try the cute Bear Paw Burger today! From 20 October till 20 November 2013, take part in their Instagram Contest and stand the chance to win a Bear Bites Party for 6 people!

Do remember to also check out their facebook time to time to get updates on their latest offerings and promotions.

Bear Bites 熊の食

2 Orchard Link #02-42
Singapore 237978

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