I'm currently attending photography classes by the Singapore Media Academy, a wholly owned subsidary by MediaCorp. I took some photos which I thought I should share! I just did a presentation on it earlier this week, hehehe.

Sorry to burst your bubble, but I am NOT a professional photographer. Don't expect amazing shots from me! Just a random amateur photography lover trying to figure out what's her photography angle. Feel free to flood me with feedback on what you think and how I can improve myself!

The location was set in Chinatown. We had to go around taking pictures for a short photo essay. I decided on the topic 'Irony'.

"Work to live, live to work."

"Building more homes, but none for himself."

"Self-enriching meets self-destruction."

"When west meets east."

"The free capturing the enslave."

"The old lugging the young."

"Modern technology facing a not-so-modern tradition."

"The old in a whole new world."

Whatcha' think?


  1. Nice photos and love the taglines. Great work, keep it up! Looking forward to seeing more great pictures from you!

    1. gam xia gam xia! thankful for your comment! ^_^