As requested since a long time ago, a what's in my bag video! Please pardon my sleepiness and the not-so-good quality of the video; I recorded it out of the blue, in the middle of the night. =.=

This is the MCM bag that I am currently using! Very spacious for someone who brings out a lot of stuff.

Enjoy, and let me know if you have any other video requests!(*^3^)/~♡


  1. Hi have u been to NSC ? Recommended ? I'm considering btwn NSC n DRX, I feel that DRX is very much commercialized...

    1. Hey! Yes, I've been to NSC when I was younger. In my non-bias opinion, I found DRx more suitable for me. At NSC, I have to say it's cheaper monetary wise, because they are more.. Public? They gave products that were standard? & my doctor told me not to do facials (which is weird coz we SHOULD extract out the dirt in our faces) then he suggested doing extractions for me (but nvr did)!? My skin did improve slightly though, I have to say.

      At DRx, yeah I gotta admit on that commercialized part... Anw, the products are given specifically for your problematic areas. their facial was also one of the better ones I've done (trust me, I've done probably hundreds.) they also have special lasers and everything. I feel that it is more private and professional, but to each his own! ;)