It's Christmas today, Merry Christmas to all of you iisjong readers! O(≧▽≦)O Thank you for reading this lame blog of mine, I hope you get lots of presents and blessed with good karma! I love such festive sesasons, so happy and so blessed.

Jong is headed for Japan! Am at the airport typing this right now. BEEN SO EXCITED FOR THIS TRIP, FINALLY I'M LEAVING. Still feels surreal, brb slapping myself.

Gosh, time past too fast, too fast! Will only be back next year, but I'll be updating this space definitely.

Big thank you and lots of love to those who came down for the Christmas countdown at Cineleisure yesterday! Hope you've enjoyed the mini performance by Damien, Don, Noelle and I.

Yup, that's my new hairstyle done by Ryo from CLEO Hair and Make. I've got the sunrise and sunset on mah hairrrrrrr, heh. More about that next time!

Here's wishing you enjoy your happy, happy holidays. Singapore, see you next year!

PADDLEPOP DRESS City Plaza | BLAZER Forever 21 | SPARKLY PINK BAG Gift from Hong Kong | SHOES Taobao
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  1. Das Kleid sieht ja fantastisch aus :-) und der Blazer passt perfekt dazu. Echt klasse!