This Rilakkuma-obsessed girl here went to the temporary Rilakkuma-themed event/cafe earlier this month! It was a few-days thing organized by BonJapan. I went to the similar one they had 2 years ago at Orchard Central as well! (

This year's location was at their warehouse so it was slightly more difficult to locate. Got lost and landed up at the other part of Singapore, sigh.

It was Rilakkuma heaven, with stacks of overflowing snacks from Japan and piles of Rilakkuma items. I can spend the entire day there because it was so cozy!

There was even a game station to keep guests entertained.

Trying to figure out the kawaii Rilakkuma game.

Since I was there, I ordered the Rilakkuma Cafe Limited Edition Set.

Rilakkuma in Japanese Curry

Presentation-wise, the dish captured my heart and got me squealing inside. I couldn't bear to bring myself to touch it! Taste wise, nothing too fantastic. Rice was hard and the dish went cold wayyyyy too fast. The seaweed was so difficult to tear apart also!

Iced Green Tea

To bland. Would love more flavour. Cute cup though!

Custard Pudding

This was good! But the strawberry was frozen hard. O.o Wanted to get another cup, but they don't sell ala carte for this!

Rilakkuma Hot Cakes with Dango

Hot cakes were too thick and plain, got tired after eating a few mouths. The cuteness makes up for it though!

ADDITIONAL: Some dessert in a jar thing. Sinfully yummy!

All in all, I'd love for this themed cafe to be a permanent one. However, since it's a once in a while thing, it's good to keep me anticipating for it. But the longer I wait, the more I expect. More points could be scored if the food was yummier.

Singapore should really have more of these themed cafes, don't you think? Since one of the few interesting things we do is to find places to eat at. Crowd seemed pretty good the day I was there as well. I'll be patronizing should such a cafe really happens for sure. Meanwhile, can't wait for the next!

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