Bloggers. What is the first thing that comes to your mind when that word is mentioned?

For some, bloggers are people whom they admire. People who are still dedicated to sit in front of their computers and share news stories with the world, when many think it's too complicated to do so and give up. For others, bloggers are snobs who assume they are privileged and entitled to everything just because they have a little bit more followers.

There has been many controversies on bloggers in Singapore (*ahem* e.g. think Janiqueel *ahem*), putting bloggers in the bad light. Even in the blogging circle, most of the bloggers abhor those bloggers who do not practice proper ethics and bring everyone down. Just because there are a few bad apples, it doesn't mean the entire bunch in is spoilt!

Being a blogger is definitely something difficult and thankless. Everyone assumes that we just have to take photos and write a few lines, but what do y'all know? Don't we need to double check and make sure our photos can make it, don't we need to edit the photos to make them look more appealing, don't we need to squeeze in whatever time we have left after a long day at school/work to sit down and do preparations to publish the story?

We're planners + photographers + writers + editors all in one.

Together with a few other bloggers, we filmed a publicity video in hopes to get people to support the good work of bloggers. It may not be the best video around, but nevertheless, it's still good effort. We hope that you'll be able to see and understand the message behind.

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