It's the Winter Solstice Festival today, 冬至 in Chinese. It's a day when Chinese families get together to celebrate, but other than that I've got no idea what it is or why is it celebrated actually (such a fail Chinese person here sigh). It's the start of Winter or something? However, this Glutton Jong do know that we're supposed to eat glutinous rice balls! Or Tang Yuan in Mandarin.

(Ok I Googled. Long story, but let Wiki explain it to you

These are the glutinous rice balls we usually eat. It is traditionally round in shape. Some are big in size, some are small. Some even have unique shapes! You can choose to have fillings inside or not. There's quite a huge variety of fillings to choose from! Black sesame, peanut, red bean etc.

In the Ong family however, we do things in a different way.

Mama Ong got inspired by Japanese desserts and this was what our family had this year. Matcha azuki ice cream with small glutinous rice balls. Creative, isn't she!? Someone pass her a prize please!

I've been stalking viewing other people's Tang Yuan's on Instagram. Let's just say my family's definitely one of the more outstanding ones. ;P Mama Ong and I jokingly call this the New Generation Tang Yuan, hahaha!

Happy Winter Solstice everyone! No matter where you are, I hope you're having a good time with your families. Remember to keep warm, because Winter is officially here! It's so chilly at night even in warm and humid Singapore that I no longer need to turn on the air conditioning to sleep. Natural air con every night, woohoo! :D

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