After watching the sun set at Kuta Beach, I recommend the Kuta Beach Food Court for dining. The no-frills food court is a cheaper alternative as compared to the restaurants nearby.

There are a great deal of food stalls and cuisines for you to choose from. The seafood there is much cheaper than in Singapore. I had my meals there twice.

How the place look like.

Huge selection of choices on the menus at every stall.

First time giving popular Indonesian drink Teh botol a try. It literally means bottled tea!

Bintang beer that's hugely popular in Indonesia as well. Practically every shop in Bali is selling T-shirts with the Bintang logo print on them!

These are what I ate. Nothing too fantastic, just decent food! If you can't make up your mind, there are set meals to choose from as well. All that I ate could easily cost me over SGD$100, but in Bali it's only a fraction of the price!

Don't say I never share. This is a great place for those on a budget (like me)! :)

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A&W is a fast-food chain many of us love, distinguished by it's root beer! I still have their cute bear-shaped water bottle from when I was a kid. Ever since A&W ceased operations in Singapore many years ago, countless of Singaporeans flock to other cities to reminisce the taste.

During my trip to Bali, my eyes lit up in glee when I managed to chance upon this A&W outlet while I explored around Kuta Square! Kuta Square houses many fast-food restaurant we are all familiar with. You can find A&W inside the Matahari shopping mall, though not prominent from the outside.

Must order: The timeless classic - Root Beer Float! Their world-renowned root beer is plopped with their signature creamy vanilla soft serve on the top. It doesn't get any better than this!

Ordered the root beer float in a set, together with their hand-breaded chicken tenders. I found this pretty ordinary only. :/

A&W Waffle with single scoop of ice cream, drizzled in chocolate sauce! *.*
Waffle was not soggy at all! It was rather decent - hot and fluffy on the inside, crispy on the outside.

I hope this post helps, especially to fellow Singaporeans going on holiday in Bali. Yes, they have A&W there too. Just so you know!

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Love to travel?

Many of us are hooked on our smartphones even when we're abroad. It is important for us to stay connected while we're on the go! However, there are times we come back home to hefty bills from international data roaming unknowingly. (╥_╥)

With the implementation of 4G cellular technology, mobile Internet has been seeing an upward trend. Long gone are the days people scramble from places to places to find wi-fi connection when they are overseas. Hot-spot routers are now dime in a dozen, with the ability to share fast connection to the Internet to multiple mobile Wi-Fi devices at the same time!

One company in Singapore that provides Wi-Fi rental service is Telecom Square SG Pte. Ltd! They are Japan's largest company in global wireless solution industry. You can find them at the airport booths at Changi Recommends - talk about convenience!

Enjoy their Wi­-Fi router service in the following countries: Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, Australia, Malaysia, China, Vietnam, USA, Philippines, UK, Myanmar, and many more in the future.

It’s getting extremely common to bring Wi-Fi routers when traveling abroad. Well, the Wi-Fi routers at Telecom Square can help us save more in terms of cost as compared to international roaming fee because their daily rental is

For my trip to Japan, I put their wi-fi router to the test! ヽ(*≧ω≦)ノ

There are 2 different devices for Japan. It is chosen by the people at Telecom Square SG, depending on your destination. For the Hokkaido area, I used the EMOBILE GL04P! Hokkaido is a huge region, therefore there isn't exactly a complete communications line. The EMOBILE GL04P is able to receive a better signal than the other in Hokkaido.

The router was stored in this case, together with the instructions manual and charger for it.

This is how the device looks like. Gotta love how pocket-friendly it is! Every device can connect to 5 different Wi-Fi enabled devices concurrently. There is no need for any installation of software!

From Sapporo to high up in the Niseko mountain, I was able to connect wherever and whenever I wanted to.

Speed wise, it was fast most of the time, with insignificant exceptions. As for connection, the only time I couldn't connect was because connection was bad at the basement of my ulu hotel!

Downloading and uploading speed was decent. With moderate use from time to time, the device lasted the entire day without the use of a spare battery.

Usage wise, it is completely idiot-proof!

Use the user guide enclosed with the package if you are unsure.

But basically, all you have to do is:
1) Power ON the router.
2) Wait for it to load.
3) When that screen shows, it means that you can start using.
4) Find the Wi-Fi network on your intended device to connect. Basically, you're searching for the SSID that can be found at the back of the router, together with the network's password.

If you are still confused, here are the example videos that you might want to watch!

Facing problems? No worries!

Their customer support is available 24/7, everyday. Contact information of support call centre will be provided in user's guide booklet enclosed with the WiFi router.

For more information like FAQs, you can visit

1) Rental fee is FREE-OF-CHARGE for the first day, across all destinations!
2) There is a special offer going on right now, valid only until the 31st March 2014.

Go get yours now! ☆*・゜゚・*\(^O^)/*・゜゚・*☆

Telecom Square
ƪ(˘⌣˘)┐ ƪ(˘⌣˘)ʃ ┌(˘⌣˘)ʃ International mobile phone and tablet accessories brand The Kase is here in Singapore! First launched in France, they currently have two boutiques in ION Orchard and Parkway Parade.

The Kase is known for its customizable lifestyle accessories. But what the brand celebrates are unique individuality and creativity, reflected through its characteristic cases!

The fun in fashion doesn't stop at just what we wear - it continues on our phone cases as well! Our mobile phones play huge parts in our lives, we carry it with us every single day. The least we could do is to protect it well with a case. Nowadays, the design of the case is very important and there are people who change theirs as often as they change their clothes. Some even have different phone cases to match their outfits for the day!

Here are some of the ready-made cases The Kase has to offer at their store. Be it a tablet or mobile phone, there's bound to be something for everyone!

If nothing caught your eye on the entire shelves of designs, why not make your own?

I am extremely picky when it comes to the design for my phone casing, it can take me forever to decide on something. If you share the same problem, customizing is the way to go. That'll save you from further frustrations.

It's simple!

Visit any one of the stores! Look out for The Kase ID, which offers you the chance to customize most smartphone or tablet cases. Discover your personalized creation materialize before your eyes in less than 15 minutes! You can customize your case with your own photos and design.

Choose your mobile phone cover's model and design!

Choose the template. These are what's available for iPhone 5 users!

Choose your pictures!

You can pick photos from your email, Facebook and Instagram accounts. Alternatively, you can choose photos from the gallery or take a photo on the spot!

You're almost there..... Choose the appropriate text for your design.

Double check and finalize your design.

Leave the rest to the staff at the boutique! What they'll do is enter a customization workshop consisting of a high-performance industrial machine.

You can witness the process of printing through the glass window from the outside. It's done in less than 5 minutes!

And I present to you... The one and only UNIK KASE in the entire world. ❤ MINE! ( ˘ ³˘)❤

The amount of praises I've received for it (E V E R Y D A Y @_@) has been too magnificent for me to comprehend. Is it weird for me to say that I'm obsessed with my own design? Because yeah, I am. Not forgetting to add that it's scratch-proof!

Oh, and the bumper is good; sure to protect your phone for times when accidents happen. Nothing much to complain about the overall quality. Fantastic for clumsy people like me!

Here's a quick video on what to expect.

The Kase is holding a Unik SG competiton! This is a chance for both professional and amateur designers to shine. Unik SG is open to everyone residing in Singapore and designs should best represent the designer and his/her unique personality.

Unik SG Phase One: 1 February to 15 March 2014

Participants are to submit designs online on The Kase’s Creators Space. All approved designs will be posted on The Kase Facebook page. A participant can submit an unlimited number of designs.

Entries in Phase One will be judged solely on the number of Facebook Likes. The top 10 entries with the most 'likes' will proceed to the next phase of the competition.

Unik SG Phase Two: 16 March to 30 March 2014

The top 10 entries from Phase One will be reposted on The Kase’s Facebook. The designs will also be featured on Nookmag’s Nooked Section ( to accumulate nooks.

The final winner will be determined by a panel of judges (50%), the number of 'likes' their designs receive on The Kase Facebook page (30%) as well as the number of nooks on Nookmag’s Nooked Section (20%).

The Prizes

• $300 Cash Prize – Final Winner
• $100 Cash Prize - Most Number of Facebook Likes
• $100 Cash Prize - Most Nooked on Nookmag
• 1 Free Case Redemption Voucher (Worth $39.90) - Designers in the 2nd to 10th position
• 1 Free Case Redemption Voucher - 20 Lucky Voters

Registration Details
Step 2: Scroll to the end of the page and click Creators Space.
Step 3: Create an account. Both Country and City should be filled as ‘Singapore’. A confirmation email will be sent to you email account.
Step 4: To submit your design, click New Creations. Choose Smartphone (min. 1200x2400 pixels) or Tablet (2400x3600). Files must be a RGB.
Step 5: Upload your designs.

Any enquiries should be directed to

The Kase
Ion Orchard B2-27
Parkway Parade B1 #150-151
Going to cease this daily blogging diary thing from tomorrow onwards... It floods my blog timeline, not everyone is bothered about my complains. My proper posts don't see the light after just a day, which is quite sad for the fact that I put in a lot of effort on them! Maybe I'll post something as and when I have something to talk about instead. And so, this is goodbye~

Been in the radio editing suite for the past few days, snipping bits and pieces for my radio commercial assignment. Finally handed my file in today, feeling like a proud mama! Back stage crews do so much to be unappreciated... The hard work involved is no joke, I hope others can appreciate these unsung heroes!

Last lesson tomorrow, but currently have 2 assignments on this module alone that will be ongoing until next month! Please let me survive this assignments period! T_T

The Chinese New Year is just next week! You ready to show off your nails yet?

Once again, my claws are beautifully done by ( ˘ ³˘)♥ Mynte Fingers! ♥ EVERY DAY someone will come up to me and compliment them, asking me where I got them done at.

The nail art this time is same same but different from the past - colourful in a whole new way! It looks way better in real life, to the point where I cannot stop admiring them. Sounds creepy, but yes I stare at my nails and sigh at how pretty they are.

If you want to do your nails in time for CNY, HURRY! Time slots are out, and they're running out fast.

Express Manicure: $6
Express Pedicure: $10

Express Combo: $15
* File, Buff, and 1 Nail Color *

Classic Manicure: $15
Classic Pedicure: $30
* File, Buff, Cuticle Care, and 1 Nail Color * (Scrub Excluded)

Gel Classic Manicure: $30
Gel Classic Pedicure: $45
* File, Buff, Cuticle Care, and 1 Gel Color * (Scrub Excluded)

Nail art, stickers, and embellishments are of additional charges.

Read my previous entries:

For discounts and promotions, you can check with Mynt by quoting my name "Joey Ong"!

This CNY period, you'll have the surcharge waived off. ☆*・゜゚・*\(^O^)/*・゜゚・*☆ Hurry and book now!

For more information, visit:
Stalking is extremely easy if you want to do so. Long gone are the days people creep up behind you and follow you home. Believe me when I say I know where you live at without even asking you directly for your address, right at this instant. Yes I have magical powers. All I need for my magic to work is none other than an internet connection.

With the boom of social media that shows no visible signs of stopping, you can find whoever you want right at your fingertips. Every move that we make is visible online because we leave digital footprints with every click. 

It's so scary to the point where I chanced upon my teachers and classmates accidentally on Instagram without even trying. Want to search for someone? Just enter their names or email addresses on the search engines, and voila. All the information you need is made available right before your eyes in that span of a few seconds. You can stalk the person secretly without their knowing!

Times like this, I wonder whether there are people stalking me as of now. Don't you ponder over the same thing too?
"We can't be afraid of change. You may feel very secure in the pond that you are in, but if you never venture out of it, you will never know that there is such a thing as an ocean, a sea. Holding onto something that is good for you now, may be the very reason why you don't have something better." - C. JoyBell C.

It's alarming to the point of frightening how my preferences can change so much with age. In the past, I used to be obsessed with reading fairytale-like fictional books in the library. Now all that intrigues me are adultish political and artsy fartsy reads. If there's one thing that is constant, it is change. If there's one thing that can make or break us, it is change. Physically, mentally. I can't expect others to stay the same because I did too. I've changed.

Many ideals and beliefs that I used to strongly believe in are beginning to witness a turnover. I used to be against certain things, but now it's a different story.

To be loyal to myself is to allow myself to grow and change, and challenge who I am and what I think. The only thing I am for sure is unsure, and this means I’m growing, and not stagnant or shrinking.
Been watching videos and reading comments about the way young Singaporeans are acting nowadays. Singapore's doing exceptionally well for a country that has only been through 50 years of independence.

Someone from the older generation commented something that goes like this: "The younger generation did not go through the same hardships that we did, that's why they don't know how to appreciate." which I find to be true to a certain extent.

This generation is living a life too comfortable, too good with everything spoon-fed to us. Unlike our forefathers, we don't have to struggle so hard to live. We assume that we're entitled to everything, we take it all for granted.

So our acts of defiance and many demands - is it the fault of parents for our bad upbringing, or because we have not experienced enough to learn how to be grateful for the luxury we're given?

This same defiance, will it spark changes or instead, break us?
Many people refer to flapjacks as another word for pancakes.

Located at the well-known Kuta sidewalk just opposite of Kuta beach is Flapjaks, a one-stop for a diversified range of pancakes and gelato ice cream that has been gaining quite the popularity. They have the "Tripadvisor Winner 2013" award sticker stuck on the entrance of the store!

My sweet tooth called out for me after my dinner nearby; their lustful display of desserts were what lured me in!

You can choose from either a indoor or outdoor dining experience. I suggest you sit outside, the view is much spectacular than on the inside. Despite the store's small size, it is a great setting to sweeten up a cozy date or just chill and hang out!

Flapjaks offer an extensive menu that's not restricted to just desserts, of course. Unfortunately, I did not give the other dishes a try. Maybe next time!

They offered an array of combinations for pancakes, but I snagged the Decadent Chocolate Pancake in the end. I anticipated it the most because it was covered with all the chocolate! *.*

Unfortunately, it did not hit the right spots for me. The combination did not go too well with each other, too sweet for my liking. The portion was smaller than what I expected. The pancakes could be fluffier! Another one of those dishes you get sick of halfway through. I've had better!

Wanted to try something else, so I got the Banana Foster Crepe. I was disappointed! The outlook itself was not appealing to me - a far cry from what I saw on the menu. It was tasty, but there was no wow factor to it. Again, the portion was a disappointment.

Considering its location, the food at Flapjaks are of reasonable prices. Service was rather slow though. One thing I have to comment - cleanliness. My table obviously was not wiped properly! For a Tripadvisor winner, they have countless to step up on.

Kuta Sidewalk, Kuta Beach, Jl Pantai Kuta, Bali 80361, Indonesia
Tel: +62 361765674

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