New Year resolutions are flying everywhere. This year, I don't really have any. Mostly because I'll forget it by the next day.

I do have some worth mentioning, though. To continue getting out of my comfort zone, less social media more human interaction, and to love my blog more by giving it more "me" time. These I can remember for sure.

Went shopping at Harajuku and Shibuya area today! They're celebrating the new year so everywhere was a sea of people. I literally shopped until I dropped - drop being I was too tired that I had to drag myself back. The sales staff were awesome btw, mostly kawaii ladies shouting at the top of their cute voices since morning for people to visit their stores! In Singapore, we would just complain & "tsk" at people.

My outfit today would have gotten a gazillion stares in I were in Singapore, but in Harajuku I'm considered normal! You can't say that you've seen ridiculous fashion before until you see this place for yourself.

I love Japan, that I cannot stress enough. Everything was my style, just not the price. Even after sales, the price tag don't match the items. At least for me. I can buy a similar top for SGD$10 in Bugis Street, why pay SGD$30 for it here!?

Shopping is difficult for me coz I tend to fuss a lot on designs and cuts etc, but in Tokyo, not so much. If only I had all the money in the world.

Bought quite a fair bit of stuff today, gonna try the Rohto Lycée Eye Wash now! Wore contact lenses today, eyes are dry until cannot.

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