Been watching videos and reading comments about the way young Singaporeans are acting nowadays. Singapore's doing exceptionally well for a country that has only been through 50 years of independence.

Someone from the older generation commented something that goes like this: "The younger generation did not go through the same hardships that we did, that's why they don't know how to appreciate." which I find to be true to a certain extent.

This generation is living a life too comfortable, too good with everything spoon-fed to us. Unlike our forefathers, we don't have to struggle so hard to live. We assume that we're entitled to everything, we take it all for granted.

So our acts of defiance and many demands - is it the fault of parents for our bad upbringing, or because we have not experienced enough to learn how to be grateful for the luxury we're given?

This same defiance, will it spark changes or instead, break us?

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