Stalking is extremely easy if you want to do so. Long gone are the days people creep up behind you and follow you home. Believe me when I say I know where you live at without even asking you directly for your address, right at this instant. Yes I have magical powers. All I need for my magic to work is none other than an internet connection.

With the boom of social media that shows no visible signs of stopping, you can find whoever you want right at your fingertips. Every move that we make is visible online because we leave digital footprints with every click. 

It's so scary to the point where I chanced upon my teachers and classmates accidentally on Instagram without even trying. Want to search for someone? Just enter their names or email addresses on the search engines, and voila. All the information you need is made available right before your eyes in that span of a few seconds. You can stalk the person secretly without their knowing!

Times like this, I wonder whether there are people stalking me as of now. Don't you ponder over the same thing too?

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