At the Haneda Airport typing this right now. Heading back to Singapore in a bit, I'm feeling sad! ;( Japan might be a expensive place to live in, but at least their stuff here are pretty & good.

I'm gonna miss eating and shopping and just spending money generally. I literally go "TAKE ALL MY MONEY!!!!!" everywhere I go, sigh.

Gonna learn more on the Japan culture & brush up my mediocre Japanese, start taking lessons again. Maybe this should be on my New Year resolution list..? I dunno, but I'm already planning a trip back alright!

6 hours flight back to Siangapore....... Ok lah, I should stop being so negative about my own country coz I'm extremely lucky to be living there.

Can't wait to get back to my bed and hug Weelakoomah. My 2014 officially starts tomorrow. Stoning on my bed, probably. Need to do something about my life!

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