After watching the sun set at Kuta Beach, I recommend the Kuta Beach Food Court for dining. The no-frills food court is a cheaper alternative as compared to the restaurants nearby.

There are a great deal of food stalls and cuisines for you to choose from. The seafood there is much cheaper than in Singapore. I had my meals there twice.

How the place look like.

Huge selection of choices on the menus at every stall.

First time giving popular Indonesian drink Teh botol a try. It literally means bottled tea!

Bintang beer that's hugely popular in Indonesia as well. Practically every shop in Bali is selling T-shirts with the Bintang logo print on them!

These are what I ate. Nothing too fantastic, just decent food! If you can't make up your mind, there are set meals to choose from as well. All that I ate could easily cost me over SGD$100, but in Bali it's only a fraction of the price!

Don't say I never share. This is a great place for those on a budget (like me)! :)

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