The popular boutique Foot Reflexology brand Feet Haven Reflexology at Katong that many of us love is now open at Serangoon Gardens as well! There's no need to travel all the way to the East side of Singapore anymore, woohoo! \o/

In case you didn't know, Feet Haven Reflexology was established only in April 2011, but they're already awarded Best Foot Massage by Harpers Bazaar Spa Awards 2013 and Best Value Simply Her Foot Spa 2013!

I have friends who love their massages so much, rushing to check the new outlet out before I did. Why y'all more kan cheong than me!? Hahaha! This second branch is located just above Cedele and opposite MyVillage shopping centre.

Feet Haven Serangoon Gardens is bound to get your muscles soothed for sure, as the outlet focuses on body massage, foot reflexology, as well and shoulder and neck massage services. It is easily accessible, just a minute walk from the Serangoon Gardens Circus bus stop.

There are quick 30-minutes massages to a long, shiok session (or a nap, heh) of 120-mintes! You can choose between a traditional body massage, which focuses on pinching and pressing at acupuncture points, or Swedish massage, comprising of long and flowing strokes.

Feet Haven is very spacious and cozy. The staff were friendly too! My masseur was like a walking massage encyclopedia; I learnt many tips and trick from her.

My Say:

There were three luxurious rooms catered to patrons who opt for the therapeutic body massage. I did the traditional one in 1 of the rooms! I've done body massage once in Bangkok, but the place wasn't as hygienic.

I'll be honest, I'm not a fan of massages - IT IS PAINFUL & MY WHOLE BODY OF BONES CRACKS LIKE NOBODY'S BUSINESS - but I know of the many benefits it provides (like slimming :D) + I'm always relaxed after a session. No pain no gain, right?

I couldn't do much since my body was stiff. This may sound ridiculous, but my neck area used to be soooo horribly stiff, it cracks a little every time I turn my head. Now it's ok after the massage! I'm going to be a regular customer now, it not my bones will age faster than I could handle.

I don't know how to explain it to you, but this is something you have to experience it for yourself to see the difference.

Feet Haven Reflexology
4A Maju Avenue
Singapore (556682)
Tel: 6288 2314


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  2. yesterday was in the cabin on the recommendation of a friend! it is simply divine! I never thought that it is possible to relax so much and feel good about themselves after a foot massage