I am not done with my Bali trip yet! I know I'm a bit slow, but I'll complete it by this month.

Bali from the top. I assume the mountain-looking like things are volcanoes Mt. Batur and Mt Agung. They are 2 of the highest mountains in Bali!

I read up a fair bit on Bali about transportation but still, I embarrassed myself when I was there. People of the internet told me to ALWAYS flag down the blue bird taxis, but at the airport I waited yet none came. Instead, there was a flock of countless Airport Taxi drivers.

I insisted on waiting, until they tried explaining that they were the only taxi company around. The whole carpark was filled with their dark blue coloured cabs!

Tip: Go to the office and request for a cab. They're all under the same company, but usually the taxi drivers who approach you tend to quote a higher price, in hopes to rip you off.

I've noticed a few people raising chickens when I was there. The rooster is my zodiac, that explains why it was nice recognising my mates in this foreign land. Alright, joking!

The simple life. Was strolling along random streets near Kuta-Legian (wanted to explore and get lost, heh) and came across kids playing around. This kid-like and stress-free happiness, I kinda miss it.

Pretty neat graffiti painting on a random wall. If this were in Singapore, the artist would probably get charged in court for vandalism already. That's right dinosaur, that's when you'll go "AHHHHH" for real!

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