I've received a package of beauty products for review, from the generous people at Beauty Direct! For the beauty junkies, they have many interesting beauty brands on their website, http://beautydirect.com.sg.

Beauty Direct represents quite a number of Japanese beauty labels in Singapore! Here are some of them:

JUJU Aquamoist Moisture Lotion

JUJU Aquamoist is the first moisturizing range created in Japan. It is highly popular for its ability to help keep skin hydrated and smooth! If you have dry skin conditions as well as oily skin, moisturization is the best solution to all skin problems. This moisture lotion that I am holding on to is of a new advanced formula!

I have been using the lotion as my toner. What I do is to soak it on a cotton pad!

Absorption wise, it absorbs pretty well into my skin at a reasonably fast rate. There was not so much of an after-stickiness, which is fantastic for my oily skin. For 200ml, $20.90 is a pretty affordable price since only a small amount is needed each time, thus it can be used for many months.

Star Lash Tokyo Lash Collection

Star Lash is Beauty Direct's very own home label. The extensive collection is set to get girls screaming! There is sure to be something for different occasions. The premium lashes are handmade to perfection, crafted by their team of beauty experts.

They are made with the best synthetic fibre, thus the high quality of lashes. One pair of false eyelashes can be re-used many times! Pretty impressive, I must say! I've seen quite the buzz and raves surrounding these lashes, and I'm glad to get my hands (and eyes) on the Rika - TL007!

You can find it here.

Comfortable and light, just the way I like it!

Many of you might know, I start peeling off my false eyelashes when I'm walking home. I usually buy cheap false eyelashes with thick lash bones; that explains my discomfort, especially after a long day out. TL007 however, did not made me do that!

The lash bone was so soft and almost non-existent! It was so flexible that it didn't feel like I was wearing anything on my eyelids. It made my eyes look natural while enhancing them at the same time. I loved the mascara-only look it gave me!

Star Lash Premium Eyelashes

There are many different categories of Star Lash's false eyelashes, and Premium False Eyelashes is another one of them. I've always wondered about brown falsies since the day I first knew about them... Won't they look weird with my natural black eyelashes!? The mystery unfolded with the DB17.

You can find it here.

My. Favourite. Pair. Of. Falsies. To. Date!

Just like the TL007, the DB17 was nothing but light, comfortable and natural looking. I've received many praises for this pair, and I'm lovin' it! It gave me a softer and subtler look as compared to the usual black ones, if you've realized. These brown pairs are great for a casual look!

Star Lash Eyelash Glue Clear

Believe it or not, they do eyelash glue too! This is again my new favourite because it's dummy-proof AND sticky. The small size also means that it is convenient to and light to bring around. The gentle yet effective glue has sort of a pretty, illuminated colour to it. No worries there, it is safe for use! You have to test it out for yourself!

You can find it here.

Want to know more about the brands Beauty Direct is carrying? They are readily available at major departmental stores and beauty specialty stores around Singapore! Alternatively, you can check them out here:

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