December 5 2013, I went for my Final Theory Test. I did not study for the test, but managed to pass it! Like I've mentioned previously, doing the e-trial tests do help SO MUCH! *pops champagne* *throws confetti*

A month later, I finally remembered to apply for my Provisional Driving Licence (PDL) and headed down to CDC again. The place to sign up for it was closed after I was done with my FTT, that's why.

The PDL is a licence that allows you to start learning how to drive! You can actually apply for it after you're done with your BTT, and it costs $25 to get one. I'd recommend you to do it after your FTT though, because this PDL only lasts you for 6 months.

Form that you'll have to fill up with your particulars. You'll only need to hold on to it and wait for your turn to pay! They'll pass you a piece of paper with a cut-out of the licence on it.

Moving on, I've booked my practical driving lessons! Went for manual, because I want to challenge it and prove everyone wrong. I CAN DO THIS! Blur girl shall pass.

Yup, I've decided to go ahead with school, while Allison my aspiring driver partner in crime went for private. We shall see how it turns out! Anyway, CDC has another branch in Kovan which is more convenient for me. Plus, IT IS RATHER EMPTY! The queue is forever snaking at CDC Ubi. You'll need to bring your PDL to sign up for the lessons.

They have different pick up locations for you to choose from. They'll fetch you to Ubi from there. I'm so happy they have one in Serangoon! First lesson starts next week. From what I know, there are only 2 instructors at Serangoon. Almost like private then? It costs $66 + 7% GST for every 1.5hr lesson.

Let's hope I don't wreck anything.

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There's been a sudden boom of cafes and they are getting so popular in Singapore these days! I've been cafe-hopping quite a bit recently to see what this hype was all about. The centrally located Everton Park located at the Outram Park / Tanjong Pagar area is becoming one of the more hipster spots, with clusters of cafes popping up around the area.

Located under a HDB block is a modern-looking Cozy Corner Coffee in the quaint estate. It was easy finding the place since the prominent Pinnacle@Duxton is around the vicinity. Serving Western cuisine along with coffee, this hip hangout is the place to relax and wind down.

Free wi-fi is available at this cafe, along with socket zones! Ding ding, instant plus point!

Opened in April last year, Cozy Corner Coffee has a homely and unpretentious contemporary design with a small sitting area that's substantial for around 20 people at a time. I think it's a suitable spot for students like myself to study at, since it wasn't overly-crowded like the rest of the cafes I've visited.

The cafe is run by a Chinese-speaking lady going by the name of Mdm Fung. She opened the cafe mostly because of her passion to brew a good cup of coffee. Aspiring baristas usually start out young; her spirit was quite admirable for someone her age. Due to the lack of manpower, she's usually on her own or accompanied by one more staff. It can be quite the problem when the cafe gets crowded, especially on weekends.

What made this quiet cafe stood out was the graffiti wall beautifully drawn by Donna Fonx, a student illustrator and designer.

On to the food, the menu offered only limited choices for their mains. I was informed that a great deal of the items I wanted to order were sold out from the day before, and they didn't have the ingredients for it. Thus, I had no choice but to request for something else.

Caramel Macchiato ($5)

The coffee at Cozy Corner Coffee are hand brewed, perfect for those who don't fancy machine-made ones. This cup of coffee was topped with a cute coffee art. It had a thick and smooth consistency to it, though there was a lack in flavour.

Iced Cafe Mocha ($6)

This was nothing incredible to this cup as well, but the flavour was there. I suppose it's because they didn't obtain their coffee beans from a distributor that specializes in it.

Espresso ($3.50)

I don't know how to appreciate this, but the taste of the espresso was strong enough to bolt you awake!

Bread Bowl ($8.50)

Moving on to the mains, I had the bread bowl with mushroom soup. I understand that the mains were made by themselves. The portion was rather huge, be sure to share this! I enjoyed the soup because it wasn't too salty and there were little mushroom bits.

Dip the bread into the soup and it'll taste great!

Pesto Chicken Paninis ($7.80)

The paninis had a weird taste to it that's not to my liking. I kind of got sick of having it after a few bites.

Chicken Lasagne ($7)

The insides of it wasn't warm enough and the cheese didn't taste sticky the way I'd like it.

Waffle with Banana, topped with Ice Cream ($6.80)

Like they say, you cannot go wrong with desserts! The waffles were softly crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside. The amount of bananas given were generous too! Topped with vanilla ice cream, it's the perfect dessert to put a full stop to the meal.

Oreo Cheesecake

This was one of the better items they had. The flavour was rich, but this was gotten from elsewhere and not freshly made by themselves.

Overall, Cozy Corner Coffee is indeed very cozy and I can imagine myself cooped up inside all day long. I will be back only for the hushed atmosphere with wi-fi and sockets to charge my laptop though. Food wise, I would choose to hop on over to the abundant of options nearby instead. I understand how difficult it is to run a cafe, but the food definitely can be further improved in terms of taste and diversity.

Cozy Corner Coffee
4 Everton Park, #01-50
Singapore (080004)
+65 9383 0485

The amount of attention that my hair has been receiving is too damn high! But in a positive way, of course.

During the last event I've attended, someone told me that she recognized me from another event we've both attended previously. Not by my face, not by my name or anything - but because I was always sporting bright-coloured hair.

And then we have my mum who was so amused, she took my picture and went around showing others. =.= She even had the urge to dye a similar colour!

If there's a woman behind every successful man, then RYO is the man behind every favourable hair colour I've done that is loved by many! Literally, hahaha. As I've mentioned countless of times, I feel safest for my hair when it's handled by his hands. I might even need to buy an insurance for my hair because of him, since so many people told me that they wanted to "kidnap" it.

You can check out his Instagram account for his impressive hair portfolio and personal life. He's not only good looking, but a pleasant and humorous guy as well.

His concept for the style image this time was to do something bright since my outfits are usually colourful. I was also looking for something that was able to stand out from the rest (though it always has been), since it was prior to my trip to fashionable Japan! In the end, the 2 main colours chosen this time were Orange and Yellow.

It was very clever of RYO to make yellow as a highlight colour. It went well together with the orange colour. From what I've noticed, people in Singapore usually play with safe colours for their highlights. Yellow was pretty daring, but I was up for it.

I loved the colour combination because it resembled the colours during sunrise and sunset. They are known as the Golden Hours in photography, and also my favourite times of the day. Surprisingly, the colours stood strong even after countless of washes. In fact, the bright colours are still evident as ever up till now!

This is their machine that emits heat to fasten the hair dye process. Nothing too hot, it is safe for use!

This is what it looks like when my hair is straight! This final colour was slightly difficult to achieve in my opinion, since blending of the colours well is important to make them look like they're one. Once again, it was a job well done!

If you'd like to get your hair done, better be quick! CLEO Hair and Make will be closing from 24th February 2014, reopening at their new outlet at The Central at Clarke Quay from 13th March 2014 onwards.

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CLEO Hair & Make ♥
9 Raffles Boulevard, Millenia Walk, P2-09/10 PARCO Marina Bay
Singapore, Singapore 039596
Tel: 6338 5250

Do you love dim sum? I know I do!

I was just discussing about flying to Hong Kong, a.k.a the land of Dim Sum, over the holidays with my family over dinner last night. Not to shop, not to visit my relatives there, but to EAT ALL THEIR DIM SUM!

This traditional Cantonese cuisine is massively popular here in Singapore. However, we have a problem - it's difficult to source the all-in-one: yummy AND affordable AND conveniently located! But hey, I'm glad to have found a place that met all the criteria.

Dim Dim - The Hong Kong Pantry is a local based Dim Sum restaurant that offers a variety of Hong Kong delights served in contemporary ambiance. It is well situated at the Marina Link below Marina Square, just outside Esplanade MRT Exit B. The piping hot dishes that they serve are 100% handmade using the freshest ingredients! 

Baked BBQ Honey Pork Bun Coated with Crispy Butter ($4.20)

I know of many Dim Sum restaurants with fabulous BBQ Pork Buns, and this is definitely comparable to those! It is crispy on the outside and savoury on the inside after two layers of baking with melted sugar and cream coated on the top of the bun. You must try this popular specialty dish for yourself!

Mini Egg Tart ($3.60)
I cannot walk out of a Hong Kong Dim Sum restaurant without having their egg tarts! This sweet treat is freshly baked with a texture made to perfection. The crust is crispy and thin! I love how bite-sized it is as well.

Steamed Prawn Dumpling “Ha Kau” ($4.20)
This is another one on my Must-Order list. In fact, it is kinda like a top favourite and my meal is not complete without it. It is made with fresh plump and juicy shrimps, then wrapped with handmade translucent, thin skin. I've eaten countless of Ha Kaus, but a good one that suits my taste is difficult to find! This is juicy, chewy and non-sticky, just the way I like it.

Steamed Custard Bun ($4.20)
I won't lie to you, I had a foodgasm moment as my teeth sinked into the bun. Otherwise known as “Liu Sha Bao”, this is another highlight at Dim Dim - The Hong Kong Pantry. The skin is handmade by an experienced chef using his “kung fu”!

The best thing about this bun is the custard filling. I love the moment it oozes out when I take a bite! It is neither too runny nor too dry but yet flavourful, moist and smooth with a tinge of sweetness and saltiness at the same time. Remember to enjoy this highly raved explosive dish when it's still hot for maximum pleasure!

Steamed Cheong-fun with Chinese Dough Fritters ($3.60)
Usually I'll have this dish with BBQ pork instead, but you have to admit that this is an interesting combination. The freshly handmade silky and slippery rice noodle roll is tightly wrapped around the dough fritters that is crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. Though I found it too salty, I love dipping it into their very own special peanut and seafood sauce for an even more unique taste.

Deep-fried Shrimp in Beancurd Skin Roll ($4.60)
Fresh shrimps are wrapped in the beancurd skin roll, then deep fried to achieve the crispy and chewy texture using their own recipe. I know that it's deep fried, but surprisingly it wasn't very oily. I found this so-so, though I have to add that they're very generous with the shrimps!

Cuttlefish and Peanut Congee ($5.00)

This comfort food had it's own taste to it, and it was everything but plain! The bowl is surprisingly huge, you can share it amongst 2 people!

I also got myself the Honey Lemon Tea, which I found it leaning more towards the sour side.

To end off my meal, I had the Mango Pudding! Nothing fantastic there, the flavour wasn't as strong as I'd expected.

I went to Dim Dim - The Hong Kong Pantry with no expectations, and left wanting to go back for more. This hidden gem is a decent place for Dim Sum for a local restaurant, though the place requires a bit of searching if you didn't exit from Esplanade MRT.

Dim Dim - The Hong Kong Pantry
6 Raffles Boulvard B1-16
Marina Square
Singapore (039594)
Marina Link is located outside Esplanade MRT Exit B
Operating Hours: 11am- 9pm
If you frequent Cathay Cineleisure Orchard often, you should know that there's a sitting area at the basement meant for customers just beside Best Fries Forever. But hey, if you've been there lately, you'll realized that the area is no longer there because they've made space for something new!

The new kid on the block is Cloud and Cream, by the guys who brought you Best Fries Forever. You can spot the shop from far because of the store's huge and fluffy bear mascot!

As you can see, Cloud and Cream sells ice cream. However, it's not the usual ones that you see around - their ice cream are frozen rapidly using their secret weapon, liquid nitrogen!

Firstly, what they do is using the freshest ingredients for flavour that you choose, they'll mix it on the spot and right infront of your eyes using a beating machine.

Then, liquid nitrogen is poured a little at a time while the mixture is beating. This causes the ice cream to freeze in a few seconds while witnessing the spectacular billows of ice fog coming out. The same mixture will begin to set and thicken in a matter of few seconds!

The result? Ice cream with super smooth and creamy texture!

Liquid nitrogen creates much fewer ice crystals than in traditional ice creams, which explains why every mouthful that you take is so full of flavour. They are also very generous with the amount of ice cream (I went there twice already)!

For now, they only have 3 different flavours! They are - Choco Banana Cookie, Orange Vanilla and Blueberry Cheesecake. Do check back often for their range of everchanging seasonal flavors!

I have 3 vouchers, each redeemable for 2 scoops of ice cream of any flavour to giveaway! One lucky winner will walk away with the vouchers worth SGD$17.70.

All you have to do is leave a comment with your name, email address and tell me which flavour would you like to try the most on my Facebook status here:

Giveaway is opened only to those residing in Singapore, and ends on 23 February 2014. Winner will be notified by email on 24 February 2014.

Cloud & Cream
#B1-06 (Next to Best Fries Forever)
Cathay Cineleisure Orchard
8 Grange Road