The Japanese's Fukubukuro is something I've been wanting to grab for years now. According to Wikipedia, it is a Japanese New Year's Day custom where merchants make grab bags filled with unknown random contents and sell them for a substantial discount, usually 50% or more off the list price of the items contained within.

My mum was so awed and asked why there were nothing similar in Singapore for the New Year. I wonder why too, mum.....

Anyway, I was blessed enough to be in Japan for New Year's Day this year!

Liz Lisa is a leading Japanese fashion brand that's very popular amongst teen girls. I've been eyeing on their stuff for awhile now. All their items are of Himegyaru, or Princess Girl, style. Bows, laces, florals and lots of pink are often incorporated in their designs!

I was shopping along Harajuku's Takeshita Street where I spotted a Liz Lisa store on the second day of the New Year. The store was exceptionally crowded! Anyway, there were many of these Fukubukuro bags displayed outside going at ¥5,000 (or ¥5,250 after tax) and without hesitation, I took one!

This bag is the cheapest one of the lot. I saw tote bags and something similar in brown, but I liked this design and size better. When I visited the Shibuya 109 store later that day, they even have gorgeous luggages! But it's impractical to lug it back since I already have difficulties managing my own luggage that's exploding.

And there you have it, my very first Fukubukuro and Liz Lisa.

From what I know, this is called the Heartful Monogram Boston that is ONLY available in the Liz Lisa stores. There were 3 pieces of items inside. The bag alone is especially pretty! It can be worn 3 ways - short handle, shoulder bag and backpack.


All the items can be worn as a set!

1) Safety Shorts

Quite translucent, but worn under a dress is ok. I like the lace details!

2) Dress

I love it! It is free-size and fits me well. I need to mention that the quality is good. Nothing too overly girly, just right for me! Loving the details too.

How I paired it for the first day of Lunar New Year! So kawaii neh, no?

3) Cardigan

Perfect for the cold weather. I don't fancy the strings though. Would rather they don't have it, or change to buttons instead!

Overall, I am satisfied with my items though I expected better. Never mind, try again next time! If I have the privilege to visit Japan again on New Year's Day, that is. Nevertheless, I'm happy enough to join in the Japanese tradition! ლ(╹◡╹ლ)


  1. Awesome sharing! The bad is very pretty. I love these lucky bags in Japan too. FYI, we do have these in S'pore. I've been to the ones in Isetan few years back, & Seiyu (Now BHG) used to have that too :) Happy CNY! Dropping by from Luxury Haven