The amount of attention that my hair has been receiving is too damn high! But in a positive way, of course.

During the last event I've attended, someone told me that she recognized me from another event we've both attended previously. Not by my face, not by my name or anything - but because I was always sporting bright-coloured hair.

And then we have my mum who was so amused, she took my picture and went around showing others. =.= She even had the urge to dye a similar colour!

If there's a woman behind every successful man, then RYO is the man behind every favourable hair colour I've done that is loved by many! Literally, hahaha. As I've mentioned countless of times, I feel safest for my hair when it's handled by his hands. I might even need to buy an insurance for my hair because of him, since so many people told me that they wanted to "kidnap" it.

You can check out his Instagram account for his impressive hair portfolio and personal life. He's not only good looking, but a pleasant and humorous guy as well.

His concept for the style image this time was to do something bright since my outfits are usually colourful. I was also looking for something that was able to stand out from the rest (though it always has been), since it was prior to my trip to fashionable Japan! In the end, the 2 main colours chosen this time were Orange and Yellow.

It was very clever of RYO to make yellow as a highlight colour. It went well together with the orange colour. From what I've noticed, people in Singapore usually play with safe colours for their highlights. Yellow was pretty daring, but I was up for it.

I loved the colour combination because it resembled the colours during sunrise and sunset. They are known as the Golden Hours in photography, and also my favourite times of the day. Surprisingly, the colours stood strong even after countless of washes. In fact, the bright colours are still evident as ever up till now!

This is their machine that emits heat to fasten the hair dye process. Nothing too hot, it is safe for use!

This is what it looks like when my hair is straight! This final colour was slightly difficult to achieve in my opinion, since blending of the colours well is important to make them look like they're one. Once again, it was a job well done!

If you'd like to get your hair done, better be quick! CLEO Hair and Make will be closing from 24th February 2014, reopening at their new outlet at The Central at Clarke Quay from 13th March 2014 onwards.

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