I've always been interested in baking, but here's the problem - there's no baking oven at home! My family members don't really cook. ;X

I'm always on the lookout for recipes that doesn't require baking or fantastic skills. I need something of novice level! One of them that caught my eye recently was cheesecake from Betty Crocker. My dad managed to find the mix for me at NTUC! They have it in Strawberry flavour as well. It is said that this is the shortcut to a sweet dessert indulgence.

Inside the box are the core ingredients that you'll need: Cheesecake Mix, Blueberry Sauce and Biscuit Crumbs.

Other ingredients you'll have to get yourself are 90g of Melted Butter and 400ml of Cold Milk.

Instead of a cake, I chose to do in a variety of sizes, including Blueberry Cheesecake Shots. Personally, I do think that the shots tasted the best out of all the sizes. Moreover, it is less sinful and can be shared amongst more people. You can easily serve 15 people if you're doing shots!


1) From the butter package I found at home, I cut it into half. I took 1 of the half (1/2) and further divided it into 5 different pieces. I took 4 of the 5 (4/5) pieces and heated it up on a pan first in order to make it melt.

2) Using the back of a spoon,  I combined the melted butter with biscuit crumbs. Ensure that the biscuit crumbs are evenly spread.

3) Pour the milk and cheesecake mix into a large bowl. Beat them on low speed until smooth. Then, scrape the bowl and beat on medium speed for two minutes until thick and creamy.

For those without electric beaters like me, what you can do is to beat using a spoon or whisk. It may take slightly longer to achieve the same result.

4) Alternate layers of the biscuit crumbs and cheesecake mix in the shot glasses. Leave some space on the top for your toppings!

Refrigerate for 30 minutes.

5) Decorate with the blueberry sauce provided. Top it off with sprinkles of biscuit crumbs!

6) Serve chilled - you're good to go!

Taste wise, it does taste like cheesecake though nothing fantastic. Nevertheless, it is a fun activity for the family. Let me know if you're trying it! ( ˘▽˘)っ♨

Things to take note is things can get slightly messy... Also, please don't leave it in the fridge for too long as it won't taste as good anymore. Best is to finish them on the spot, or clean all off by the next day!


  1. My sis used to do it when I was really young for her school project. Kinda miss eating it.

    1. Oh, must be good then! :) You can try making it yourself!

  2. why to buy the mix from?

  3. Hi, sorry to bother you but specifically which ntuc did u go? I just cant seem to find this cheese cake mix anywhere.

    1. NEX NTUC might have, if not the valu$ shop at NEX. i'm also very sure i've seen it at the valu$ shops at serangoon central and ang mo kio area!