December 5 2013, I went for my Final Theory Test. I did not study for the test, but managed to pass it! Like I've mentioned previously, doing the e-trial tests do help SO MUCH! *pops champagne* *throws confetti*

A month later, I finally remembered to apply for my Provisional Driving Licence (PDL) and headed down to CDC again. The place to sign up for it was closed after I was done with my FTT, that's why.

The PDL is a licence that allows you to start learning how to drive! You can actually apply for it after you're done with your BTT, and it costs $25 to get one. I'd recommend you to do it after your FTT though, because this PDL only lasts you for 6 months.

Form that you'll have to fill up with your particulars. You'll only need to hold on to it and wait for your turn to pay! They'll pass you a piece of paper with a cut-out of the licence on it.

Moving on, I've booked my practical driving lessons! Went for manual, because I want to challenge it and prove everyone wrong. I CAN DO THIS! Blur girl shall pass.

Yup, I've decided to go ahead with school, while Allison my aspiring driver partner in crime went for private. We shall see how it turns out! Anyway, CDC has another branch in Kovan which is more convenient for me. Plus, IT IS RATHER EMPTY! The queue is forever snaking at CDC Ubi. You'll need to bring your PDL to sign up for the lessons.

They have different pick up locations for you to choose from. They'll fetch you to Ubi from there. I'm so happy they have one in Serangoon! First lesson starts next week. From what I know, there are only 2 instructors at Serangoon. Almost like private then? It costs $66 + 7% GST for every 1.5hr lesson.

Let's hope I don't wreck anything.

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  1. Good Luck for your driving practical!
    Right after I passed my BTT, I straight away and start my practical driving while doing my FTT as the school needs a minimum amount of lessons done before booking the practical test.
    Manual is very easy, pass on my first try. I believe you can do so too!

  2. Thank you the amazing tip, tomorrow will be a start of first my e-trial test.
    Thus i was kinda confused with the explanation of different test payment when i first registered at the counter, but your tip do helps me a lot.
    Hope i do good as well throughout all these lesson.
    Cheers! :)

  3. So how was your experience at Kovan?

  4. does kovan offer BTT lessons too?